The Month That PS4 Forgot

IM PLAYIN's ThinkBad Monkey discusses what he has missed about his PS4 since leaving it behind in the UK whilst on a business trip.

"If you have read the title, you may already know the pain, but there have indeed been troubling times over the last 3 weeks as I have been ferociously pulled away from my PS4. This fresh hell may have been self inflicted, but as I left my jewel to fly halfway around the world, what have been the biggest things that I have missed or by comparison, what have I found that I can do without."

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Neonridr1131d ago

great thing about the Vita is the remote play ability. I went on vacation to Hawaii last November. Brought my Vita with me, and at night while lying in bed I was able to fire it up and connect to my PS4 halfway around the world. Worked surprisingly well.

Sure it's not the same thing as being there, but not a bad alternative for while you are away. Unless you feel like wrapping up your PS4 in towels and packing it in your suitcase with you.. ;)

RiPPn1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )


TheNemesis5011130d ago

people used to miss there pets when on vacation, now they miss there consoles.