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Destructoid:"I have very fond memories of Star Wars Battlefront. Well into my adolescence, whole summer weekends were lost to split-screen tournaments; when you lost a game, you lost the controller. Familiar Star Wars iconography mixed with sprawling open-ended action in the Conquest mode turned the series into a neighborhood staple, keeping my PlayStation 2 in rotation long after I had obtained modern gaming consoles that were capable of hooking me up with the latest Call of Duty. It's a multiplayer experience unmatched by any shooter I've played since then -- a sentiment many of my fellow youngsters seem to agree with.

Combine these personal expectations with DICE's recent history and the stakes get even higher. The disastrous launch (and equally disastrous subsequent months) of Battlefield 4 dealt a crippling blow to the company's image, tempering what would have otherwise been a home run of an E3 reveal. We haven't seen too much of the game since last June, but that all ended at Star Wars Celebration yesterday with a demo for members of the press. Even though EA and DICE have yet to prove they can ship a game as good as Battlefield 4 (that isn't broken), I liked what I saw of Star Wars Battlefront and I liked what DICE told us. I'm thankfully back to cautious optimism."

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4logpc1134d ago

"The other major thing I took away from the gameplay video was how much it looked like Battlefield, even with the Star Wars trappings."

I knew it. There was no way they could pull off a brand new Battlefront game in 2.5 years and not have it be Battlefield like.

Naga1134d ago

You say that like it's a bad thing.

venom061134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

So outta that entire article, that's the main thing the first poster got outta it?? Wow.. Smell some EA/BF haterism going on there... Let's read the ENTIRE article and pull out all of the positive that was stated as well..

4logpc1131d ago

If i want to play battlefield, I'll buy Battlefield. I wanted a star wars battlefront game, not a battlefield game with a star wars skin

DemonChicken1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Already played a battlefield skin star wars ..... mod

Antifan1134d ago


but seriously, let's see some gameplay before we burn down DICE HQ.

Maddens Raiders1133d ago

I play BF4 pretty much every single day and it fkn rocks. If this is anything like /that/ but even better because it's actually "next gen" and....STAR WARS, then count me all the way in. Day one.

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masterfox1134d ago

Like I said is just BattleStarfieldwars, and also is by the lame developers DICE.

KarmaV121134d ago

Explain how they are "lame"? They are extremely talented.

Reddzfoxx1133d ago

Battlefield 4 was riddled with problems at release and still riddled with problems 6 months afterwards. There will be those people that buy this and become post release beta testers until the game is playable by general population. And I really do hope I am wrong but unfortunately no matter how graphically nice this trailer is the bad taste Dice left in customers mouths still remains.

HammadTheBeast1133d ago

BAttlefield 4 is fine now, it had a terrible launch, agreed, but its a whole new game now. As far as gameplay and mechanics, DICE hasn't let us down, and hopefully they've learned from their mistake.

KarmaV121133d ago

^ I was lucky enough to never have any problems with Battlefield 4 since it launched. I feel bad for those who experienced issues but a lot of the complaints were about connection issues and rubberbanding. The game itself was still one of the greatest online FPS of the past 5 years. It is incredibly fun and realistic compared to anything else on console.

They've fixed all of their mistakes and now they know how to solve the problems they had before. It isn't like they weren't trying to fix the game in the first few months, they kept pushing out updates to fix it but nothing solved the issues. Now they know specifically so anything that was an issue in Frostbite won't be now.

TXIDarkAvenger1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

So 1 game is a failure by DICE means they're lame? I swear people just love to spew shit from their mouth for the sake of it.

KarmaV121133d ago

That's what I'm sayin'. I just don't understand how people claim it's so bad. I've got a thousand hours in bf4, never had a problem with it.

TXIDarkAvenger1134d ago

I think people forget that Battlefront 2 was pretty much Battlefield with a few differences. This isn't a bad thing but people here whine about everything as usual.

ion6661134d ago

battlefield 4 is awesome I don't care what anybody sez.....I said I don't care. !-_-!

HammadTheBeast1133d ago

It's a great game, it just didn't work at launch.