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Relientk77853d ago

This looks absolutely incredible!

SpaceRanger853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

It looks incredible!
I'm not so happy with the fact that there won't be space battles or single player. But this may be the game that finally puts a fork in Call of Duty and other yearly repetitive shooters with no story driven depth.

On a side note, I think it's pretty much confirmed that Sony has the marketing rights to Battlefront. Good move Sony!

darthv72853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

It's very cool and surprising that it was presented only with the PS logo. Is this an exclusive now?

edit. i see, thanks spaceranger.

u got owned853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

Trailer looks incredible, but I don't think the IQ will look this clean in actual gameplay specially on consoles.

Crimzon853d ago

How do you know it looks incredible?

"Game engine footage"

Yeeeah... gonna be wary of that. I'll wait until we see some real gameplay. I don't trust EA.

Patricko853d ago

Space Battles in DLC, we can be sure of it...

Kal0psia853d ago

I doubt game will be as seamless, but gameplay? Oh lordy, that's why I'm buy it and obviously it's star wars.

darthv72853d ago

Watched it again and it's a good thing that AT-AT was blown up. otherwise it would have gotten stuck in the woods. i mean those things aren't like a compact car that can drive anywhere.

it's like driving a semi down a narrow alley, it can be done but then you got to figure out how to get back out.

Conzul853d ago

Um, @SpaceRanger, THIS has no story driven depth - as you put it.

There are going to be coop setpieces, basically. Even less than what BF3 and BF4 had.

This game is in every way but GFX a step back from a PS2-era title.
And that's just amazing.

Septic853d ago

Im gonna be a pilot!! Its gonna be so sick!

Erik7357853d ago

First glad they did not put a single player in this gamer, it would suck ass.

The levels look to have insane amount of detail and hopefully we will have at-least 20 maps.

SpaceRanger853d ago


You're telling me that a game based off of a 6, going on 7, movies isn't story driven? If you honestly think that the yearly re-hashed shooters are story driven, like the example I gave, then I don't really have much else to discuss in that aspect because they honestly have no depth to them.

They already discussed how the missions in battlefront are multiplayer driven to give the sense that you're playing as part of the story with everyone else or your buddy next to you playing split screen. I don't see how that's less co-op than BF4 or Hardline?

4Sh0w853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

I'm as excited about Star Wars as anybody but I'd be careful not to expect too much, I mean the trailer is cool but to me its nothing more than a cinematic trailer which usually makes every game look great graphically.

lol, I saw one of the devs tweeted "It's not CGI" but seriously the "Game engine footage" term doesn't say much these days either. Everybody and their brother make cinematic in game engine footage that looks very polished since about mid way through last generation consoles. I think lately this type of strategy of showing high end PC stuff or cinematic setpieces with those misleading labels are why a lot of times folks think games have been downgraded...'cause they saw a early "game engine footage" trailer, NOT actual gameplay. I'm optimistic, sure with DX12 on a high end PC the actual gameplay graphics might come close to what we see here but until I see actual gameplay on a console (X1 version) then its just another game added to my long list of potential games I might buy later this year.

At this point I'm more concerned with how it will play though???

quenomamen853d ago

Yea till EA starts pushing out a new Star Wars game every Nov.

Blurmobjet853d ago


No, I'm sure all the environments will be on-disc. Your playable character and everything else will be DLC though =/

SilentNegotiator853d ago (Edited 853d ago ) was a neat cutscene, I guess.

It's still an EA game, though. It will probably shove the space battles (confirmed to not be in the game!!) into DLC.

moldybread853d ago

i wonder what high end computer this is playing on. look at the scene with boba fett and the draw distance and the lighting in the woods.

gamer7804853d ago

sony has marketing rights but i believe xbox one users can play it first via EA Access.

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-Foxtrot853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

Looks good but the gameplay changes they've made to it has put me off a little.

Seems like it's going to become like every other multiplayer game with a Star Wars skin.

No Campaign
No Space Battles
No Classes
Sounds like it will have killstreaks, perks, louadouts, maybe weapons mods

I mean like I've said in another article the classes kept it balanced and were logical. Why would a normal Stormtrooper for example be allowed to carry the equipment a Shock Trooper has or know about Engineering

If those changes are fully confirmed then I'm done with EA, the one sequel I've been waiting years for and they make it like every other online game instead of it being Battlefront.

Palitera853d ago

That would be a giant mistake; I doubt they would do it.

BTW, the stream in which the trailer was revealed is happening now:

It is quite nice. A lot of PR talk, but some nice info too.

gangsta_red853d ago

No Campaign
No Space Battles
No Classes

I think you are forgetting how video games work this day and age. Don't give the consumer everything in one package, give them just enough and then keep the interest going through DLC.

I'm sure space battles (which I was looking forward too) will be in some kind of future DLC pack.

Other than that I think this game looks fantastic, regardless of it's updated features for the modern FPS audience.

ninsigma853d ago classes!? Can I get a link on that??
Been really dissappointed so far. That trailer isn't fooling me, it's nothing like the gameplay will actually be. Can't believe no death star battle, that's a big no no. No campeign really sucks, it's got "Battlefront missions", lets see how those turn out. I really wish it hadn't been EA on this because I knew from the get go they would do something stupid, but this sounds even more stupid than I expected.

The gameplay had better be spectacular. I might wait instead of getting it day 1, if they announce they're releasing those things as DLC, they can forget it, I won't give them my money.

-Foxtrot853d ago


""In Star Wars Battlefront you can freely choose what weapons, what gear and what ability you want to bring. You will not be restricted to a specific class. We want to encourage the freedom to create your own fantasy"

ninsigma853d ago

Thanks for that! That really sucks :/
Hopefully we get more than what it seems!

badz149853d ago

No campaign...

I stopped reading right there to know that I'm not gonna buy this EVER! From Titanfall to this, I can't justify buying online only games anymore.

But regardless, this looks great.

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poppinslops853d ago

I forsee EA will become the most powerful third-party publisher of all... you'll see - this deal with the Disney is but a cover for the secret construction of a second Death Star!

Buy the DLC, buy it all - God knows I will - but don't say I didn't warn you.

AngelicIceDiamond853d ago

Highly impressive despite them showing off the actual in game engine and not gameplay.

I dunno if this will "break the internet" but damn those visuals are something else.

3-4-5853d ago

How can all of you be so negative already ?

It's like you WANT to be mad all the time.

They have pills for that.

Spinal853d ago

I'm not pleased didn't see any actual gameplay with Jedi battles.

But I also see a lot of hypocrisy some people saying they're wary it's not gameplay but they were loving the deus ex cgi trailer not too long ago that showed 0 gameplay.

ajax17853d ago

More disagrees than agrees?! What the hell is wrong with you people!

esemce853d ago

The gameplay visuals will be no where near this level.

starchild853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

Holy sh*t, are people really disagreeing with you that it looks incredible? Some people are ridiculous. That trailer was truly impressive.

Doubt all you want that the gameplay will look good, but there is no doubt that this trailer looks amazing. Disagreeing with that is just stupid.

No, the gameplay won't look exactly as good as this. The cinematic camera angles and the animation alone make many trailers look better than the games' actual gameplay. But this does show us what the engine is capable of and the general look of the assets involved.

shaw98853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

I am excited to see how this turns out as I grew up on the battlefront games. But this does nothing for me. There was no gameplay in the video. You could say that you can get excited knowing how good the graphics are, but knowing EA and how they downgrade every game from what they first showed, there is nothing I can really get excited for.

EDIT: I Just learned there is no single player or Space battles. The hype has just died for me.