BMX Glory Returns via Kickstarter in BMX Ride

Marcus Estrada writes: "It was around the early 2000s when extreme sports games started cropping up left and right. Not only was there the massively successful Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, but tons of others tried to make their mark. BMX, surfing, and even scooters got in on the action although in the end it seemed that only skateboarding games stuck around for the long haul. BMX fans might find what they've been missing all this time in BMX Ride. This game, which has already been in development for a year, offers a variety of features related to both gameplay and modification."

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roguedragon11163d ago

Back in the early naughty's I used to love bmx games like dave mirras's bmx freestyle and bmx xxx Plus they had good sosoundtracks. Would be cool to take the turn pipes in a bmx game again. Will defo check this out.

Yi-Long1163d ago

This looks terrible tbh.

If they want to do a cool bike-game, they should do it like SSX and/or Pure, where you go down fun tracks through gorgeous environments with multiple paths, doing tricks and spins etc etc.

SSX3 and Pure were sooooo much fun.

bondsmx1163d ago

Obviously you have zero experience of doing any kind of extreme sport. No person who really rides bmx, Mx, sx, or evening riding quads would want a game like that.
No person who has done or do these things in real life, want some blown out, over board arcade-y game.

And just for reference, I was a professional dirt bike racer that had a 15 year career, that rode bmx for cross training for over 10 years. Everyone I know that do these thing would absolutely love a real simulation, or even anything close.
And because of people like you, the general public, we get these games that are so blown out of proportion, 5000 ft jumps down hills so people like you that have never done anything like this, feel like superman. Lol

Yi-Long1163d ago

You are right: I have (close to) zero experience doing extreme sports, so I'm just saying what I want AS A GAMER and potential buyer.

And as a gamer, I would much rather have a fun gorgeous game through diverse amazing environments, which will keep me entertained for months.

And I don't think you would want a REAL simulator either, cause that would mean 1 big crash and you wouldn't be able to ride in-game again for months, cause you'd be in bed with broken bones, looking on the internet to buy a new bike... :P

You want a more down-to-earth game, in a realistic setting/environment with realistic skills and gameplay. I can understand that desire, and I'm sure there are some other x-treme sports enthusiast which will share that desire...

... but I, as a gamer who loved Pure and SSX, just want a fun game. And riding a bmx on a small set track just isn't going to really excite me that much.

Toiletsteak1163d ago

Dave Mirra's was awesome, i would love for a new BMX game and a new Skateboarding game.