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PCgamer:"If it weren’t for the telltale shimmer of aliasing, I’d swear the dense foliage of the forest moon of Endor was real. In the opening moments of DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront demo, the camera peacefully pans down from the forest canopy to the verdant underbrush, and even though this is pre-alpha footage (running on a PlayStation 4, no less), it looks incredible. It looks like Endor. The Frostbite engine is just showing off. I get it. It has all of the graphics, and those infinite graphics are being used to render Star Wars—specifically classic, original trilogy Star Wars—with as much faithful detail as possible."

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whoyouwit041129d ago

From the way it's sounding Sony will once again use a 3rd party game has their big AAA holiday game. That's just plain facking sad, the 3rd year in a row.

ninsigma1129d ago

The hell are talking about?? LBP3 and driveclub were out for Christmas last year and Killzone shadowfall was out when the PS4 released Christmas time 2013. SSSooooooo you're wrong :)

Griever1129d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

He has been spamming that sentence in all the SW: BF articles. He seems to be quite hurt after seeing that Playstation logo at the end of the trailer. Trolling really hard, he is.

Eldyraen1128d ago

Going by trailer alone and how PS was company used in the reveal its safe (but possibly inaccurate) to assume Sony may be pushing this game's marketing similar to Destiny

It's also reasonably accurate to say for many (millions) that their Holiday line up could had been better. I enjoy third party games and having off season exclusives is great but nothing phenomenal has launched from Sony's first party devs during the same period (third party has basically ruled Holiday season for both Sony/MS so far). Killzone wet my appetite for a while but had numerous flaws which kept it from excellence, LBP has a market but lacks "hardcore" PS status (GoW/Killzone/GT/etc), and Driveclub had it issues at launch as well.

I'm not knocking the system as I love my PS4 but there is some truth to his complaints (with holiday exclusives) if not quite so serious all things considered.

OB1Biker1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Yea because just holiday games is what gamers want /s
It does feel like a similar marketing than for Destiny but so what? You d rather it was Ms?

ninsigma1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )


Well isn't it better this way?? They may have marketing rights but we all know it's coming to xb and pc as well. At least it's not another Tomb raider or street fighter situation.

See I get what you're saying, not all games have a big appeal to everyone. I mentioned drive club for last christmas but I didn't play it because I'm not a racing fan. That doesn't change the fact it was one of their big games. Halo MCC also released with issues, so there's that.

The thing I don't get is everyones obsession with holiday lineup. It suddenly doesn't matter what releases throughout the year but xmas is the most important thing. It's only important to the sellers because it's their busiest time. I myself would rather have titles releasing throughout the year than all bunched into one time frame. That's not a problem for me because I play on all platforms. But really if I was an XB or wii u only owner I wouldn't be happy with what's released so far this year. Xb has had ori and scream ride (ori being my second favourite game this gen) and wii u hasn't had anything yet that interests me though splatoon next month will change that. TBH I would be bummed out being a ps4 only owner as well but to a lesser extent than the other two. I've had the order and bloodborne (which I'll be going back to once the damn guide arrives) and for MLB is also there for anyone interested in those. There are also a ton of games announced for this year on ps4 (I really hope Rime is one of them) and more keep getting shown. Obviously ms and nin have more to show but lineup so far this year for me goes PS4.

I don't mean to say that ps4 is best or anything, everyone has different tastes. What I'm really getting at is this xmas holiday lineup nonsense is silly because it's not all that matters, it's the full library of games a system releases, not just the few bunched together for the xmas period.

Added declaration of who the comment was directed at.

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Antifan1128d ago

Someone sounds really salty.

CyrusLemont1129d ago

Man I'm not as keen on the game as I'd hoped to have been. Dice have kind of missed the mark on a lot of aspects. It also sounds a lot like The Force Unleashed where there was this HUGE focus on visuals ultimately crippling the length and replayability of the game.

it sounds like they're giving so little in this game, that I'm worried it might feel VERY repetitive and limited like Killzone Shadow Falls MP did.

I'll wait for more info though. Don't want to solidify a disappointed view of the game entirely yet. It does look really beautiful, and sounds large and explorable.

NiteX1129d ago

Seems like that's the trend for this gen. All flash no substance.

BudokaiGamer1128d ago

No space battles, no singleplayer, no prequel era, no buy

Spinal1128d ago

Loool you thought there would be space battles? This ain't star fox.

You thought there would be a singleplayer? This is Dice they are a multiplayer focused dev. You had all the wrong ideas about this dev making this game.

It's actually your own fault for having those expectations.

I'm disappointed with the trailer for not showing gameplay. Not for anything you listed.

Maul_T_Pass1128d ago

WAY way back when this game was first being developed one of the main features was being able to fight on the planet surface, hop into an x-wing, take off into the atmosphere, battle other fighters in space, then dock on a star destroyer and battle inside the hanger all in the same battle. I'm calling it now. A DLC pack featuring space battles WILL be released in the future...

Spinal1128d ago

@Maul, No you're talking about a LEAKED gameplay footage of a CANCELLED game. That was not DICE nor did they make any of those promises.

Please provide a link proving me wrong.

Vehicle battles will be in this game on the surface obviously you wont be able to leave the atmosphere. Thats how Battlefield games are. Theres always vehicles, land, air and water.

4Sh0w1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

"Loool you thought there would be space battles? This ain't star fox."
"You thought there would be a singleplayer? This is Dice they are a multiplayer focused dev. You had all the wrong ideas about this dev making this game."

-I'm not saying this will be a bad game because its lacking those features but ALL those features are reasonable expectations for a Star Wars Battlefront game. You act as if he was expecting something unique like for example how the Master Chief Collection combines all the past games into 1 unified hub playlist, all content and upgrades. It ain't StarFox but it is called *STAR*wars for a reason and its normal to expect a SP campaign especially for a game based on one of the most legendary story settings in film history and I can't for the life of me think why you consider it abnormal for a "STAR"wars game to have at least 1 space battle given its StarWars and the trailer shows you in an X-Wing doing battle, naturally many will picture the same battle in space.

Maul_T_Pass1128d ago

Leaked or not that was the original design intention of the new Battlefront. That's all I'm getting at.

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OB1Biker1128d ago

From the site
'Seamlessly swap between 1st person  and 3rd person perspectives.

Partner up with a friend in online multiplayer, share unlocks and have each other's backs on the battlefront. 

Fight for the Empire or Republic offline, solo or with a friend, in carefully crafted missions.'

BudokaiGamer1128d ago

It's not a story line though. It's probably a horde mode or something equally boring.

Cobberwebb1128d ago

No prequel era = no buy?
It's a reason to buy lol. No single player is even more reason to buy for me as well but that is my bag as I love co-op games. *prays for a co-op Mass Effect*

BudokaiGamer1128d ago

The point is the old games had everything, and this version has none of it. Just the multiplayer aspect...that's sad.

jay21128d ago

I'll just wait for 1313 when the dumbasses wake up and re-annouce it.