Paid For Easy Fatalities Removed From Mortal Kombat X Due To Fan Backlash?

It looks like the controversial easy fatalities have been removed from the Playstation store front on Mortal Kombat X. No word on why they have been taken down as of now. Could it be fan backlash or will they be back up later?

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LackTrue4K1159d ago

there having online issues (as i type this) this is NOT backlash for the fatalities.

ExplodingJuice1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

It is now 6:11am EST and I can confirm they are still in the store. This is after updating MKX to version 1.02.

CyrusLemont1158d ago

I've played a fair bit of the game now, and I've got to say, easy fatalities are no big deal. It doesn't affect the guys who like to pull it off the real way, and it let's the un-coordinated or less experienced players enjoy the most brutal aspect of MK.

Now what I don't like, is how garbage the koin rewards are. It literally takes hours upon hours to unlock a couple of things in the Krypt.

That kind of practice to force users into buying things like "unlock everything in the krypt" are what makes me upset.

hkgamer1158d ago

kinda agree with you with the fatality thing. I just find it strange that people would not learn these fatalities, googling or looking on gamefaqs is so easy. it wasnt like the days of playing mk in the arcade when you havent got a clue on where to learn these fatalities.

in game currency is terrible if there is a chance to buy those currency with real money. its clear that they made it slower deliberately so that people can spend money. hopefully this will not be succesful and they dont gain money from this.

hopefully rpg's will not do this with exp points. i personally will buy these games 2nd hand if publishers start to do this.

Silly gameAr1158d ago

Nah. They're still there.

Sadist31158d ago

I don't know why people need easy fatalities. The game literally gives you like 15 seconds to pull one off. All you gotta do is press the option buttons, go to the fatality list and see how to perform it, then do it. If people have a hard time doing that in 15 seconds than maybe they shouldn't be playing mortal Kombat. The older games gave you like 5 seconds to perform one

hkgamer1158d ago

wow, it says it in the moves list? lol. are gamers really getting to this stage that they cant follow simple instructions? i cant imagine todays gamers living in the 90's and playing tthe old games without the internet or game guides.

NarooN1158d ago

It felt more like 3 seconds in the older games (the 2D ones) lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.