Lucasfilm gives EA “unprecedented access"

Lucasfilm’s director of business development, Douglas Reilly has said EA and Dice have had unprecedented access to the Star Wars archive in order to create a “truly special game”.

The announcement came at the Star Wars Celebration this week in Anaheim in California, where journalists had the chance to finally see Star Wars Battlefront, the first offering from Swedish based developer Dice.

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NiteX1187d ago

Guess they didn't have quite enough access to create spaces battles...

Randostar1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Lol. If you thought we were going to get that big of a game by this november you are a lil delusional. 2 1/2 years isnt enough time to make that good of something out of scratch.

rainslacker1187d ago

Big black environments and a skybox with a couple planets and stars in it, and some asteroids or whatnots are way too much to make. Much easier to do worlds and environments.

Otherwise, why give people a complete game when they can sell the things people want with DLC.


More like 1-1/2 years. It'll be close to 2 years in development when it's finally released.

Crimzon1187d ago

EA gives consumers "unprecedented DLC"

MilkMan1187d ago

and yet I LOL'ed at the trailer. AT-AT in the forest?!
Run of the mill storm troopers on speed bikes?!
That trailer plays like gumbo soup.

Eldyraen1187d ago

It wouldn't be that hard to clear trees for it when you have lasers at your disposal.

I thought it was a cool video all things considered but I want gameplay.

rainslacker1187d ago

Weren't there AT-AT's on Endor's moon? Not roaming around, those were the 2 legged things, but near the landing port I remember there being one.

WizzroSupreme1187d ago

Hopefully EA gives us unprecedented access to a cool pre-release demo, because I'm still on the fence after two mediocre Battlefields.

Nilla_Nate1187d ago

A beta is a must for a game like this. Hopefully they do one.

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