DICE: "We believe that Battlefront is the best audio-visual experience in video games"

"We believe we have created the best audio-visual experience in video games." With these words Fegraeus Milan, the design director of DICE, presents Star Wars Battlefront.

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Starbucks_Fan1044d ago

It looks pretty damn good.

Utalkin2me1044d ago

While audio and video are importanat in their own respects. What about gameplay, thats my main concern.

OutcastMosquito1043d ago

All in due time. For now I'm hyped as a "muhfucka".

Cy1044d ago

I don't care about how it sounds or looks, I want details about what modes and characters are in the game. If there's no SP Galactic Conquest, the game is pretty much worthless to me.

linkenski1044d ago

Does EA have any competent developers left or are the just stuck in PR hype-machine mode when they make their speeches? It's all wishy-washy and grandiose statements like this. Same happens with Bioware everytime they show off their new games, like, there is no vision but they're just trying hard to make it sound more impressive than it is.

Palitera1044d ago

Just so you know, the stream is starting right now.

Drithe1044d ago

BF is the best glitched console video game of all time.

End of line.

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The story is too old to be commented.