Download size listed for Xbox One version of Project CARS

The download size has been revealed for the Xbox One version of the upcoming racing simulator game, Project CARS.

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ScorpiusX1219d ago

That's not bad , plenty of room to spare on the drives .

Sayai jin1219d ago

Don't need to replace it. Just add a an external hard drive. I have noticed that my games run faster on my external. Plus 18GB is not that long.

WESKER20151219d ago

18 gigs of smexyness, this game looks beastly, one of my most anticipated along with F1 2015, halo 5, and batman arkham knight

TeamLeaptrade1219d ago

18 GBs doesn't seem all that huge. I think we all need to realize that games are going to get bigger and we'll need to upgrade to external HDD's eventually. Of course, the Xbox One will have bigger HDD's eventually.

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