No classes in Star Wars Battlefront

Dice has confirmed that players will not have to choose a class in upcoming Star Wars Battlefront.

Speaking at the Star Wars Celebration, Dice design director Niklas Fegraeus said the team wanted Players to “create their own play-style” and not to feel confined by the class system.

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-Foxtrot1129d ago

Well that's killed it for me.

"In Star Wars Battlefront you can freely choose what weapons, what gear and what ability you want to bring. You will not be restricted to a specific class. We want to encourage the freedom to create your own fantasy"

Basically translates to

"We want this online to be like every other online game out there with loadouts, perks, killstreaks, weapon mods"

Killing to rank up and unlock new classes was Battlefront's system. It made sense aswell I mean what average Stormtropper is going to have a rocket launcher or a sniper riffle.

annoyedgamer1129d ago

I read somewhere that you can call in fighters. To me that sounds like MW2 Killstreaks.

Pandamobile1129d ago

So? Getting rewarded for killing things is a pretty basic mechanic in an online shooter.

People were worried that it was going to be a Battlefield 4 reskin, but when that apparently doesn't line up with reality, now it's a Modern Warfare 2 clone because it's got its got its own version of kill streak rewards?

Come on.

-Foxtrot1129d ago


David Jaffe said it best a day or two ago

"It’s like we can both own the same game but you are a higher level than me so you have access to more gear. That’s not skill base. That’s shitty. You have just been playing longer. I don’t even like kill streaks. I f****** hate kill streaks because it breaks the skill. “So let me get this straight. You killed a bunch of people and we are going to give you even more of an ability to kill a bunch of people”. What the f*** is that?"

Classes were Battlefronts thing, it's how the online was originally created.

Like how in Uncharted 2 they ruined the simple, skill based multiplayer in Uncharted 3 where they added every other online gimmicks.

Halo2ODST21127d ago

@Foxtrot not many people know this but it was Return To Castle Wolfenstien's multiplayer that created the class system that battlefield uses today.

Erik73571128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

No where does it say in that statement perks and shit.....Honestly it's modern holy crap you can change guns and equipment....its like Star wars Battlefront class system....but wait...its more in-depth.

Now if they have perks I will be bothered but I do not think it will...I also laughed when you mentioned kill streaks lol......this game wont have kill streaks trust me.

JamesBondage1128d ago

"this game wont have kill streaks trust me." Famous last words.. and idk, in the trailer(i know its not actual gameplay but..) it shows a group of Y-wings coming in to bomb the AT-AT, kind of seems like a killstreak to me. But then, didnt the original Battlefront games sort of have a killstreak with the special characters.. didnt you have to get a killstreak to become darth vader or whoever?

OrangePowerz1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Sounds more like it could be more back to the roots and you didn't unlock classes in BF. All classes are unlocked in BF from the start you just unlock the weapons and gear.

In Star Wars we have never really seen specific troops in the conventional roles you have on BF and co. especially on the Empire side.

We haven't even seen gameplay yet so why not keep the speculations down until we actually know stuff about the game? :)

I'm not a fan of EA or DICE, but the negativity around here towards game after we know barely anything and haven't seen anything is ridiculous because everybody is just assuming stuff.

Zero-One1128d ago

Seriously. The more i'm hearing of this game, the more bare bones it sounds. You know what? I'm calling it; this game will be yet another example of devs choosing spectacle over substance in this day and age.

3-4-51128d ago

* SET classes won't be there, but you are essentially creating your own class.

How is that not better ?

BiggerBoss1128d ago

In BF2 i liked having to choose between a stormtrooper, or a scout trooper, or a Shock Trooper, and it kept the game balanced. loadouts may mess with that. Plus, classes makes more sense for the subject material.

TWB1128d ago

I feel that the reason they went with no classes was actually due to fan wishes (that you could find prior to DICEs takeover of battlefront)

I havent played every single Battlefront but apparently some of the PSP ones allowed you to create your own class/character from scratch and some people really loved it. I think this decision stems from those PSP games...

I honestly feel that this game is going to have quite a lot fan service because they already have deviated from the typical DICE formula.

I really didnt expect splitscreen and a decent offline/coop enviroment to be in the game, not to mention the ability to switch between FPS and TPS.

I personaly prefered classes but I like to think this is sort of a requested feature...

Halo2ODST21127d ago

That reminds me of halo 4

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Donjune1128d ago

Can we see the shit before we start this BS!

MasterBaker1128d ago

Hmmm, I fear that the game might end up having too little content for $60. We'll see, but as of now I'm definetly not pre ordering.

gamerfan09091128d ago

No campaign and now this rubbish? Man this thing sounds terrible. I'll just wait for bioware to a KOTOR and wait for Visceral's uncharted star wars clone. Bloody hell. This is turning into the order 1886 all over again.

Drithe1128d ago

No compaign eh? No classes? We are getting half a game and they want 63 bucks for it? Not to mention it is made by Dice. You know, the same guys who made BF 4 with all the bugs that made it unplayable for a week then unplayable for certain parts of the game for 3 months or so?

I'll pass.

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