Star Wars Battlefront boasts incredible detail

Star Wars Battlefront will boast incredible details, according to Dice design director Niklas Fegraeus.

The content in game, such as characters, weapons, vehicles and the like, were created using a process called “photogrammetry”.

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Crimzon1072d ago

If it has so much detail and looks so great, why are they afraid to show us gameplay footage?

Moldiver1072d ago

I think we all know the drill by now anyway. This game wont look as good as the trailers. On consoles, that is.

TomShoe1072d ago

Wake me up when there's gameplay footage.

MasterCornholio1072d ago

Well they did add the playstation logo go the footage so it might be the PS4 version.

But I doubt it will end up looking that good on Sonys system. It might look similar though.

3-4-51072d ago

They are saving gameplay footage for E3.

It will make it so it's even more talked about.

ps4fanboy1072d ago

Good that it is taking a stride forward graphically , should have a knock on affect on all future games ,but tbh , dedicated this gen games that are coming will also be graphical showboats no doubt.
On another note , can't wait for this and the new movie , we're home chewy.....

Kyosuke_Sanada1072d ago

Ill make a decision after seeing actual gameplay...................... ...and their DLC Plan.

ninsigma1072d ago

Incredible detail that won't be in the real game.

Look, the trailer was cool and all but these articles need to stop acting as if it will be indicative of the actual game.