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Majin-vegeta1186d ago

I'm down with long as it's free.

3-4-51185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

@ sizeofyou - STOP LYING to everyone.

FACT: It won't be ready for launch.

* You get Battle of Jakku + 2 multiplayer maps for FREE.

You get to fight the battle of jakku, and then watch the aftermath of said battle about two weeks later in theaters.

That is awesome IMO.

* They aren't "tricking you".

Your delusional, you fail to assess reality correctly, and your outright lying to everyone on N4G right now.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Seriously.

* We would get more stuff added but they can't release spoil filled stuff before the movie releases.

My guess is that content tied to Force Awakens will be the first MAIN DLC that will launch in Jan/Feb 2016, and THAT will have SW7 stuff in it.

* 4 Planets with more than 2 maps per planet.

So 3 maps per planet...4 planets = 12 maps + 2 free maps with the DLC that is FREE two weeks after launch.

They aren't charging you extra for it.

Stop acting like that annoying highschool girl who just trashes everyone.

That is what you are right now. Just hating just to hate because all the other "cool kids" did it as well.

Pathetic at best.

You could have reported facts.....but WANT everyone to think badly about something, so they can all agree with you, so your ego can feel good.


sizeofyou1185d ago

It's called opinion based on previous practice (I was disgusted by the Tiger Woods game for a couple of years). You're welcome to yours and buy all the DLC you want. It's not facts - as I know as much as 99.9% of people on the planet.

If you read my later comments:
a) I say 'it will probably be a good game'
b) I say 'I hope I'm wrong'
c) I admit 'I see the bridge into the new movie'

I'm not ashamed of my opinion in this day of DLC - and neither it seems are others...NEARLY all the others...who comment.
Enjoy the game and your 'freebie'.

sizeofyou1186d ago

So it's not really DLC. It's part of the game but saying it's free 'DLC' to butter up people to future DLC packs. Marketing reverse psychology. **** load of premium content incoming. After all - EA have released hundreds of pounds of premium content on other series for day one.
Oh...the cynic in me...

Yi-Long1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Sadly, I doubt you're being a cynic. In this case, it seems you're just being realistic.

The game looks promising, but I'm gonna take a wait & see approach. No doubt there will be a Premium Season Pass involved.

sizeofyou1186d ago

Yep. This is gonna be a huge cash machine. It will probably be a good game...but milked to extreme because of subject matter.

Sincerely hope I'm wrong for those excited..! ;)

joab7771186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I don't think it's meant to be a free dlc that butters us up, as much as its a bridge to the new movies, so they are going to release it closer to get us even more hyped.

We play the planets from 4,5,and 6 and then right before the movie launch we get dlc that occurs after 6 but before 7.

And we are never satisfied lol!

sizeofyou1186d ago

Fair comments joab..!

I see the 'bridge into the new movie'. And I entirely understand the "...we are never satisfied" comment.
I am not one of 'those'! I'm entirely happy with the season passes I have purchased in the past where I believe enough was offered upfront and enough was offered additionally. Even with EA and BF4 premium. BUT the Tiger Woods golf is unforgiveable - and I disapprove of 'milking' your customer. I want EA to make a profit and provide competition to other publishers - what keeps the market going! :)

BiggerBoss1186d ago

"And we are never satisfied lol!"

In the past day they've announced:

1) No Single Player Story mode
2) No Space Battles
3) No classes
4) DLC announced over 6 months before release

That's probably why some people aren't satisfied. I've waited 2 generations for a Battlefront game, and DICE is messing it up so far. Yes the graphics are incredible, but at what cost? Cutting out key elements of the Battlefront franchise? I hope we see real gameplay soon, because Im really skeptical right now.

lazyboyblue1186d ago

They can feel free to milk this one as much as they like. In fact, for as long as EA want to keep churning out content for this game, I'll keep paying for it.
It's Star wars.

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Perjoss1186d ago

EA breaking off chunks 6 months before release to try and get you to pre order.

BiggerBoss1186d ago

That's seriously what this seems like. With most games, the excuse for day one DLC is "the games already gone gold, they're just now working on the DLC.

EA announcing this this early is the definition of cut content. Like @sizeofyou said, Im sure it's free just to warm consumers up to the idea of DLC in the game.

rainslacker1186d ago

It's free regardless of pre-order. The early access is for pre-order though.

I honestly will give them the benefit of the doubt on this one and say that they want to release it closer to the movie release.

Given everything so far, I don't think this is any kind of story campaign DLC, simply a recreation of the battle that it's supposed to represent. I wouldn't doubt for a minute that this is actually in the film's prologue because out of hundreds of millions of people that will see this movie, maybe 4-5 million will play this game. Not covering it in the movie would be about as lame as Lucas making Clone Wars to connect the original trilogy to the new one, so no one really knows what happened except the die hard fans who could sit through that tripe.

TheGamez1001186d ago

what...why not just include this in the release? cool that its free but uhh...

sizeofyou1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

See above ... probably. If it's done as 'free DLC', it's attractive to punters. Write big, assess what punter will pay full price for and release chunks as DLC. With a freebie sweetener. Day and age of DLC at it's worst. Along with 'blue light sabre 99p', 'green light sabre 99p'...and on it goes.

Oh...the cynic in me...

joab7771186d ago

I really think it's being held for release at the time of the movie launch.

DarthSocio1186d ago

This game has no single player campaign......

leogets1186d ago

That's a good means that 3years have been concentrated on an awesome multiplayer experiance...

WellyUK1186d ago

Lol who was going to buy this for the SP... i don't understand some of you people why would you want to play through another one of DICE's awful SP experiences when you can jump straight into what DICE are great at which is MP, well when it's not broken like BF4...

rainslacker1186d ago

I doubt this will have much story content...maybe some of that iconic floating text to explain what's going on. It's likely just a recreation of the battle mentioned in the article.

Can't say I can complain about "free" stuff, but the more I hear about this game, the more skeptical I am about it. Never a huge fan of MP games, but I had a lot of fun with BF.

WeAreLegion1186d ago

Why the FRICK would it have a single player campaign? The other Battlefront games don't have single player campaigns. Why would you expect one here?

ZeekQuattro1185d ago

Battlefront 2 had a single player campaign. Pretty sure the first one did as well but the sequel was more fleshed out. Let's not try to rewrite history so you can make an argument. lol

WeAreLegion1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

No, it did not. It has missions, just like this new Battlefront is going to have. Did you play Battlefront I and II?

Why are you being such a prick?

Allsystemgamer1185d ago

It's fraking god what is wrong with this generation?!

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