Star Wars: Battlefront

Electronic Arts' walled-off booth at Star Wars Celebration contains one of the show's best-kept secrets, a lengthy video of the forthcoming Star Wars: Battlefront video game. The booth interior, which we were not allowed to take photos of, is designed to look like a Rebel Alliance briefing room, complete with a command terminal in the middle, and tiered seating for the pilots, soldiers, and less-important game journalists like myself. The setting screamed classic trilogy, and was the perfect fit for the demo DICE had on hand: a gameplay slice recreating the Battle of Endor from the film, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

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PockyKing1192d ago

Ugh, I wanted a campaign in the vein of Republic Commandos or something like that. But, that's alright, game is looking wonderful already. Can't wait to see the actual game in just over an hour.

Looking forward to what Visceral is working on as well.

hells_supernova1192d ago

What you want and what you get are clearly two different things.

Honestly did anyone expect any more than a reskinned battlefield 4?

My expectations have been met

lelo2play1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

NO single player campaign... NO buy.
Don't want another Titanfall.

@PockyKing, Allsystemgamer
Star Wars: Battlefront is essentially a multiplayer game.
I like single player games and if it has multiplayer, then it's a plus. If it has Co-op, another plus.
As for Multiplayer only games, NO thanks. Hype for this game went down the drain...

PockyKing1192d ago

I think it's a little different when Star Wars: Battlefront is an established franchise that has always thrived off multiplayer.

Allsystemgamer1192d ago

uh 1 and 2 barely had a campaign thats not what its about.....................

The_Sage1192d ago

Did you play the first two, lelo?

bixxel1192d ago

I expected a full blown Single player. Now I'm disappointed... -.-

spacedelete1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

how come people complain about a tacked on multiplayer for games like Tomb Raider but won't complain about tacked on single player campaigns ? no one even plays campaign in games like COD and BF anyway. stop crying.

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pompombrum1192d ago

Kind of sad in a sense because it's Star Wars and something worthy of a single player but ultimately, who buys DICE games for the single player?

spicelicka1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Just because they're DICE doesn't absolve them from making single player. Battlefied bad company games had awesome campaigns. If they took on the responsibility of the Battlefront franchise then they should have gone all they way with it.

Single player campaigns are a huge component of these kind of games, I was really looking forward to what battles they could create in the missions. Unless the multiplayer is so huge that it makes up for the lack of campaign, i see this as a disappointment.

spicelicka1192d ago

Yea i think this will be like Titanfall. Although if the multiplayer is massive it would make up for it.

kiz26941192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

the orginal 2 Battlefront games had a single player very simular to this. I dont see this as an issue. Its sticking to the previous games. Thats fine with me.

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The story is too old to be commented.