Ultra Street Fighter IV Will Come For Playstation On May 26th

Sony Computer Entertainment of America's Third Party Production has reported the discharge date for the phenomenal variant of Capcom's battling amusement Ultra Street Fighter IV. The amusement will be discharging on May 26th in North America and Europe. The diversion will be computerized discharge just and will have the cost of $24.99.

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JMaine518974d ago

Nice! $25 for all the content. That's a good deal. I'll be picking this up

playstation4epic974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

Yh definitely picking this up. I don't really like to encourage remastering as I'd like to see more IPs but because the PlayStation is doing it incredibly well unlike other consoles I'm fine with this, especially because the incredible value being offered here

Ripsta7th974d ago

This is capcoms deal not PS

majiebeast974d ago

Ripsta it is Sony who set the price they are publishing and developing it under the third party relations studio.

Why o why974d ago


My brain read it as streetfighter V.......

I was like Shhhhhhorrrryuken


Yi-Long974d ago

Good price; I already have the game (twice actually, on 360 & ps3), but if this is truly the complete deal including ALL content, I'll probably pick it up again.

Team Ninja does a mediocre HD port for Dead or Alive 5 for 40 bucks, then pushes out even more ridiculous endless DLC-milking...

... Never thought I'd say this, but they should learn from Capcom(!)

DualWielding974d ago

@Yi long not sure I agree, it sucks that DOA 5 LR didn't include all DLC. However, you need to consider that there is still more content include in LR than in USFIV complete

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Magicite974d ago

PS4 is becoming console of choice for fighting games.

DigitalRaptor974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

And for JRPGs.

It's the PlayStation 2 all over again. Looking forward to playing this.

playstation4epic974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

Another day, another game for the PlayStation 4
That should the Sony slogan.

Majin-vegeta974d ago

Wait so physical copy is $25??If so not a bad price and this will entice more people to buy it.

rainslacker973d ago

Should hold most people over until SFV releases.:)

Der_Kommandant974d ago

Sony... My wallet is slowly dying. Please stop!

Akuma2K974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

LOL.....yea i hear you man, my wallet is bleeding as well.

Just got MLB 2015', getting F1 2015', Batman Arkham Knight and MGS5 Phantom Pain.

USF4's price can't beat it, this game will definitely keep me busy until SF5 comes out (glad i won't have to keep going to playstation now streaming service to play the game).

I thought about getting Mortal Kombat X but my heart is with Street Fighter, been playing it since it hit the arcades all those years ago.

G3n3raL86974d ago

After 5.000 hrs. logged on mah 360, i'll think i'll pass:)

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