Microsoft confirms Harrison's departure

Commenting on Phil Harrison, Xbox boss Phil Spencer told, "Phil has been a distinguished leader for our European Xbox team - overseeing production at our award-winning European studios and making a substantial contribution to the Xbox business globally. I want to thank Phil for his creativity and leadership over the past three years. Phil is a great friend of mine and I wish him the very best with his future endeavours."

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majiebeast920d ago

Kaz Hirai:Its time to move to your next target agent Phil.

MaximusPrime_920d ago

Before overseeing Xbox, he was a boss of playstation Europe... He would be welcomed back but Sony's fine at the moment

Crimzon920d ago

I think he should go for the hat trick and oversee the disastrous launch of a console from Nintendo, given that he's already done so for Microsoft and Sony.

Mr Pumblechook920d ago

@majiebeast LOL!
Stealth job achieved!

Sevir920d ago

He was not just Europe, he was President of Sony Computer Entertainment World Wide Studios. When he left Shu took over and it's been amazing. He did a great job handling the PS3 before taking off to Atari then MS. I wish him the best in his endeavors

Thatguy-310920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Lol when reading your message the kill bill theme track played in my head. Wonder if hellhe'll end up back on sony or will the Don Mattrick route

Magicite920d ago

There simply was no place for 2 Phils.

Pogmathoin920d ago

So, what your saying is, we cannot beat them, so we must play dirty.... ?? Nice 😀 Kaz must be a Sith Lord, brilliantly pulling all the strings of our destiny....

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joeorc920d ago

Sony: CEO looking at 18 video screens, press intercom send the recall signal.
Phil: head pops up eyes glow a cold White Blu. With Rays of Light shooting out from eye sockets, Signal confirmed. Infiltration of Microsoft by Unit Phil complete.

The_Sage920d ago

You guys are killin me. Lol

hkgamer920d ago

i wonder what company phil harrison will screw up next. this man has been a curse since the ps3.

MCTJim920d ago

was this not confirmed about 2 weeks ago?

Baka-akaB920d ago

Not officially . We've just heard the rumor for a month

WizzroSupreme920d ago

At least Microsoft still has one awesome Phil left.

Eldyraen920d ago

MS bought Punxsutawney Phil?

Best Phil ever.

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