Super Smash Bros. Sells 4 Million Units Across Wii U/3DS in Lifetime

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D sold 184,000 units last month with a lifetime sales total of 730,000 units. Mario Party 10 has already sold 290,000 units while Mario Kart 8 has a lifetime sales total of 1.9 million units. However, perhaps the most successful franchise for Nintendo has been Super Smash Bros. It sold 110,000 units in March on the 3DS and notched up 2.4 million units in its lifetime for the handheld. Meanwhile, the Wii U version managed nearly 1.6 million units across its lifetime.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1128d ago

And they're accomplishing those sales, even if they're lower than Nintendo might like, despite their major social media screw-ups, which have resulted in the biggest names on Youtube refusing to cover them.

Neonridr1127d ago

1.6 million on an install base of not even 10 million is huge when you think about it. Smash Bros is not for everyone, but you are saying that over 15% of the Wii U gamers bought it? That's good numbers.

Look at games like The Order.. The PS4 has 20 million users yet it will struggle to hit 2 million total sales.