PSN Flash Sale Offers Koei Tecmo Games Including Dynasty Warriors And Ninja Gaiden

GearNuke: "New PSN Flash Sale offers Koei Tecmo games on discount."


Flash Sale is now live on the PlayStation Store and the theme for this flash sale is "Action Games".

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eldingo1007d ago

Thank you for the heads up although i would have liked it when the sale actually went live instead of just telling me it is going to go live just my opinion.

AceBlazer131007d ago

isnt it better to be informed ahead of time? your logic is weird.

RedDevils1007d ago

Maybe next just inform him that the sale is already over lol

eldingo1007d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

experiment success got responses by using dumb logic and stating a contradictory sentence after the first sentence bait state achieved.

comebackkid98911007d ago

Would love an uncensored Sigma collection (:

Dhampir1007d ago

Sorry, but PS3 can't handle that much blood. You'll need a 360.

johndoe112111007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

I can't imagine how many brain cells died just writing that statement.

Master-H1007d ago

Where are the prices ? are all flashsale games 0.99 cents or something ?

DualWielding1007d ago

non not all are 0.99 doubt these will be, we don't know yet, we'll have to wait till the sale is up

2pacalypsenow1007d ago

was just gonna pick up dynasty warriors at my store , glad I waited

blackblades1007d ago

Can't wait for a jrpg flash sale.

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