GTA V PC (Normal/V.High) vs. PS3 vs. PS4 Screenshot Comparison Shows That The Wait Was Worth It

GearNuke: "Screenshot comparison between GTA V PC running on Normal and Very High quality preset versus the PS3 and PS4 version of the game."

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mt946d ago

if you are GTA fan you know you wouldn't wait that long to play GTA.

Testfire946d ago

Not true at all. Its called patience. Something I learned at a very young age was good things come to those that wait.

Khajiit86946d ago

I have the patience but have had a ton of fun with this game twice, now I am just sitting back and letting the mods kick in before I buy it for PC.

TheRealCrazedBuffoon946d ago

Who the fuck downvoted you for saying "Good things come to those who wait!?" WTF!? That couldn't be more true... Don't listen to anyone Testfire, I'm with you buddy. You cant make a 5 minute chicken and expect it to taste like a 3 hour slowly roasted one.

Erik7357946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

And what did patience get you?
I'm playing at highest setting on pc and there is almost literately no's very disappointing and honestly they hardly touched up the game for the pc and no one is calling them out for this. This is a over-hyped Console port and everyone is turning a blind eye to it just because its gta.

Those pc screenshots they showed months before it came out on pc? ARE COMPLETE BULLSHOTS AND BULLSHIT.....ON PC IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THOSE PR SCREENSHOTS

No one is calling them out for this but we did it for every other game that did it? Why not gta 5?

It does not run like shit....that's the only positive thing I can think about on how to compliment the pc this are standard for a good pc version? It works and runs acceptable? Oh wow it runs at 60fps, So does every other pc game!

We have waited for almost 2 years and exclusive graphic features other than 4k? Which by the way 1/10,000,000 of the potential pc gamers who play on steam out there are the only one who could enjoy that let alone run it!Where is workshop support? What about physX? It has no exclusive pc features! Ohh wait it has a custom radio station, bet that took them awhile to put that in the game.

ShinMaster945d ago (Edited 945d ago )

It's crazy how the console versions are able to keep up. From what I can tell, those PC screenshots don't look anything like what the PR photos lead people to believe.

PS3 version still looks great. And it came out almost 2 years ago on 9 year-old hardware (explains why PC elites are so insecure).

@ Testfire

"good things come to those that wait"
Are you implying that the console versions weren't any good? lol
They were great, actually. We played the heists. We had fun.

Testfire945d ago

@ TheRealCrazedBaffoon,yeah here on N4G people will disagree for the silliest reasons, but whatever, I don't sugarcoat my opinions.

@ Fries1223, patience got me a game that actually works. My PS3 copy never worked right, actually the game must have done something to my hdd because I tried multiple copies and tried restoring the database on my system but I always got freezes and infinite loading screens with ONLY GTA V and never any other games. And from comparison of my PS3 copy to my PC copy yes I'm happy and don't need "exclusive PC features".

@ShinMaster, read my reply to Fries.

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Psychotica946d ago

True, but I still bought the PC version after trading the PS3 and PS4 version along the way..

duplissi945d ago

I did. I have played and beat every gta since GTA3. I knew the PC version was going to be head and shoulders above the console versions and did not want to settle.

Saladin416946d ago

how much do you guys(and gals) think a PC would cost to run this game on very high settings and be 60fps?

SteamPowered946d ago

I feel that this could be a loaded question...

Saladin416946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

no seriously, im currently running on my HP pavillion laptop with an AMD Radeon 6770m 1gb, and i feel sad that i cant experience this game in its epicness :(

so what am i looking at to spend on a PC (minus the monitor)

thanks in advance

edit: or what Video card would you recommend?

Testfire946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

I built my PC the AMD route. Fx 6300, Asus M5a99 evo 2.0, 8 GB G Skill RAM, and a Sapphire R9 270x.

I'm running GTA V as well as most games at 1080p 60fps with most settings on high/very high/ultra. I think my PC cost around $500-$600 when all said and done. It took me a while and I shopped around on deals for components, and my video card I got for $85 used on Ebay.

The only downside is my video card right now, while its very capable at the moment, devs are really starting to use vram and my 2GB card is starting to not be enough. Soon a 3 or 4 GB card will be required to play at the settings I like.

Guyfamily999946d ago

Honestly I would expect at least two thousand. Depends on what res you're using. I personally would just go for normal or high settings, 60 fps is worth it IMO.

Ripsta7th946d ago

A couple grand
2-4 k?
Gta 5's highest settings is 4K

zeal0us946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

I would suggest this link

It's basically a benchmark for GTA V using multiple graphic cards.

aquamala946d ago

digital foundary says all you need is a GTX 750 Ti ($130) and Core i3 4130 ($120), not too demanding at all

Shineon946d ago

People are still under the illusion that PC gaming is waaay expensive and you need really expensive hardware to run today's game ha ha not this generation

Saryk946d ago

Without a monitor, $700 to 1k.

Too many variables. (Sales and Sizes)

SteamPowered946d ago

A Gtx 970 will be great bang for your buck, especially with the 4gb of VRAM. AMD also do great budget cards, they just didnt benchmark as high with this particular game.

Lon3wolf946d ago

Agreed I have a 970, but they are really 3.5gb (the other 500mb being quite useless)cards not that it actually makes a difference as they are phenomenal cards for the money.

GameBoyColor946d ago

500-800 including OS and peripherals. This will get you a really good budget amd build.

I'm getting 8 gb ram, fx 8350, R9 270x, Gigabyte 970 ud3p and a 500 watt psu.

I have no idea if this build will be any good at all but meh, it's 600 something bucks lol.

Khajiit86946d ago

Dont go with AMD, spend a bit more. Over the course of time you will save money because AMD uses twice the power of Intel.

I have a 970 and love it, but from what I hear on the net, people with a 750ti are pushing this game on high settings just fine.

ShinMaster945d ago (Edited 945d ago )

Not much. Have you not seen those screenshots?

$600 maybe, minus the OS and monitor.

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WildArmed946d ago

Only thing that makes the wait worth it is the mods. Being able to play superman to n GTA4 was pretty fun

You could have just as easily enjoyed the vanilla GTA V on last gen consoles and enjoy the game as much as you would on PC.

Cuzzo63946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

Rockstar has said they will not support mods. I'm sorry to burst bubbles.

iNcRiMiNaTi946d ago

Some of that was already cracked with OpenIV 2.5

It's only a matter of time before the whole game is available to be modded

WildArmed946d ago

It's not up to Rockstar to support mods. It's never been up to them, PC has the most active modding community.

GTA IV was proof of that.

yess946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

In almost all the pictures the PS4 wins, or is exactly the same...WTF

Look at details like signs and stuff, the PC versions is washed out.

orakle44946d ago

Completely agree, I have a gaming PC and PS4, I'm shocked that the PS4 fared so well in this comparison.

Qrphe945d ago

PS4 is also locked at 30fps, PC isn't

Stardust260945d ago

It's because the screenshots don't have the proper brightness/gamma settings.

windblowsagain946d ago

PS4 = Very High Settings.

Ultra = Better then PS4.

F0XHOUND946d ago

Actually playing game = pretty much the same for 80% of PC gamers, its not day and night!

Waiting month after month for PC = not worth it tbh, I don't own a PC for GTA, its a console game that's even fully enjoyable on ps3.

Mods coming = that's when shit gets interesting as PC takes GTA to the next level and truly pushes its 4k support.

My comment = lotsa disagrees!

Lon3wolf946d ago

GTA started on PC too same time as PS1 so not sure why it's just a console game now? So yes you did get a disagree from me :D

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