What's the Deal with All These Delays?

There seems to be a frustrating pattern in the video game industry in 2015. It’s as if game developers are forgetting to set their alarm clocks, as we are constantly hearing that games are falling behind schedule and being delayed.

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Godmars2901102d ago

More complicated, complex and demanding programming further hampered by scheduling and production times.

Marcello1102d ago

This always happens during the first year or so of a new gen, its not unusual at all, infact its the norm. In a year or 2 devs will be familiar with the new tech & difficulties of it so delays will be far less.

Godmars2901102d ago

Except that release delays and so buggy releases that they were broken happened throughout the 7th console gen. Became accepted things.

thorstein1102d ago

I think one reason is that publishers and salesmen promise all sorts of things without consulting the actually people doing the work.

There is nothing wrong with reasonable timetables, but don't promise a game's release date until it goes gold. There, no more delays.

smashman981101d ago

Bingo! Hit the nail on the head!

Crimzon1102d ago

Well given that the article mentions Uncharted 4 and Quantum Break, my personal opinions regarding these games being delayed are:

Uncharted 4. I honestly believe Sony wants to release an Uncharted trilogy collection on PS4 this holiday season since they love putting out remasters. They'd have a hard time selling something like that after Uncharted 4 has released so they're gonna try and do it beforehand. They probably pushed Uncharted 4 back because of this and told Naughty Dog that they have a few extra months to polish or whatever.

Quantum Break. These guys can never get a game out on time. I think it's just once again a case of poor judgment/planning for the project that had them thinking they'd have it ready long before it would be. I'm surprised that Microsoft doesn't just automatically add a year to whatever release date they're given by Remedy.

King-u-mad1101d ago

"hampered by scheduling and production times"
"More complicated, complex and demanding programming"

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ninsigma1102d ago

The problem isn't delays, it's setting an unrealistic time frame and telling people it's coming at that time. They need to stop telling us release dates until they are absolutely certain and the game is close to going gold. It's better than being really hyped for a game for it to be released broken and unplayable.

sloth33951101d ago

relax jerry they are coming

OldDude1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

I never thought UC4 was coming this year. Sony seems to have a habit of baiting its users to create hype then the dates always fall. The Last Guardian is the biggest joke along those lines. Just like GT5 last generation and the list goes on. I have no issue holding back a game for QC reasons, we benefit from that. Sony seems to do it just to create a better lineup but I never believe one of their dates.

Crimzon1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

I think that's more a case of favoritism from Shuhei Yoshida. He'll let their Japanese studios do whatever they want, which is why Team ICO is still on the payroll despite not releasing anything since the PS2 days, and why Polyphony Digital can take five years to release a game crammed full of recycled PS2 content.

Meanwhile, the moment a game from their European/American studios underperforms? Everyone gets fired.

I don't think there's any conspiracy or willful deception there, it's just that Shuhei is utterly incompetent at his job and is awful at managing Sony worldwide studios. His buddies at Japan Studios can do whatever they want on his watch.

DigitalRaptor1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

I get what you're saying, but I'm not sure dude. Is giving people reasons to be excited for games that are coming worse than setting a date, and then not budging from it despite the game actually needing more time in the oven? The entire Xbox One launch lineup needed more time in development, but due to third-party contractual obligations that didn't happen.

Same can be said for the Master Chief Collection. It's a joke that they even released such a high-profile exclusive in the state it was in. That should have been a Spring 2015 release, but that is never going to happen with Halo is it?

@ Rookie_Monster

"they did outsell the PS4 in Nov and Dec last year in North America due to having some nice excluaice games. Those 2 months alone exceeded sales for the other 10 months combined."

And just 3.5 months into the new year and PS4 has already caught back up on 60% of those XB1 holiday sales with plenty of months (of more game releases and outselling the competition) to go until Microsoft kick their exclusive lineup into gear and create bundles for the holiday. PS4 has exclusive marketing for 3 of the biggest games of this year: Batman, Metal Gear Solid and Star Wars.

You may be on to something regarding Fallout 4 though. People doubted Sony's ability to dig deep and make a more powerful console, and yet it happened. People doubted Sony's ability to get supreme marketing for Bungie's next IP, and it happened. People would probably have doubted Sony's ability to buy marketing rights for a Star Wars game if it weren't so predictable. Fallout 4 could easily be a timed-exclusive for the PS4 holiday season, considering the stuff MS managed as the leading HD platform last-gen, and now that PS4 is in a much stronger position for sony to negotiate. GT7 is another obvious one.

Gamer7771101d ago

Maybe the developers want their games to be released in a polished ,well optimized and bug free state .

N0TaB0T1101d ago

This. We're bitching about one of the healthier aspects of the industry Pre-2009? We need functioning games, not tighter deadlines.

rainslacker1101d ago

More often than not it's the publisher that decides if a game is ready to be released. Games get released to meet marketing and sales deadlines, and there are times when high profile games get pushed out the door regardless of if the dev thinks it's ready or not. There are times when a publisher will give the dev more time, and there are times when they won't. It all comes down to when and how the publisher wants to make money.

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