Mortal Kombat X, I love you … but I hate you. Look, it’s komplicated | Venturebeat

Venturebeat: "When I last wrote about Mortal Kombat, I brought up how old-school fighting game players tend to fall into two camps: Those that broke away from the series after Mortal Kombat II, and those that stuck with the franchise up till today."

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oasdada1164d ago

Where has Xisasuke gone?

q8kik1164d ago

Half of your stamina for a simple backdash.....super flawed mechanic imo.

krypt19831164d ago

that back dash is very helpful to create distance it would be op if you could constantly do it ..

dcj05241164d ago

Plenty of fighters have unlimited dash and their fine.

q8kik1164d ago

OP? Since when?

When every character has a solution with teleports, special moves that lunges you or simply running.
I don't get why they nerfed backward movement so much, it's almost useless now unless you have a hard read.

It's like they said while designing this "yea screw technicality and footsies! let's force every player to be super aggressive so the game looks good when your average Joe watches some youtuber play"

I personally would have appreciated the Guilty Gear approach, only when spamming BD's you lose all of your burst(stamina).

Kos-Mos1164d ago

Grew up with Mortal Kombat 3 and loved the atmosphere. I`ve played 30 minutes now, and it`s a rather horrible game, but ok...let`s just see the fatalities and throw it away. This is not a fighting game, it`s a terrible excuse of a fighting game...