AMD lost $180 million and GPU market share in Q1

"PC gaming and gaming in general is a growth opportunity in the market and a growth opportunity for AMD" - Lisa Su, CEO

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Tzuno1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

Heloo AMD!!! your TDP is shit, fix that. A quick example of two different gpu's that are super close on performance Radeon R9 280 wich consumes 250W and GTX 960 wich consumes 120W. No wonder Amd is loosing, i mean come on amd consumes double but it doesn't perform twice as 960. Here's a video, enjoy

Vegamyster1043d ago

Isn't the TPD for the 280 200W & the 280x 250W?

Tzuno1043d ago

Stock yes, but there are OC versions that go by 250W like Asus Radeon R9 280 DirectCU II and is not the X version.

mikeslemonade1043d ago

Well the generation started in 2013 and the late comers in 2014 all got the gtx 970. So if AMD wants to be lagging in a generation then they deserve this shit for being slow.

decrypt1043d ago

Yea AMD cards consume way too much power, even then AMD hardware has always been great. Its just the software side that drags them back.

AMD optimization is poor specially when it comes to new games not to mention Crossfire support which is lacking most of the time.

I havent purchased an AMD GPU since 5870, which was released back in 2009. Mainly because i almost always have multiple GPUs in my rig, AMDs poor multi gpu optimization is a huge let down.

Ka7be1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

"R9 280 wich consumes 250W and GTX 960 wich consumes 120W. No wonder Amd is loosing"

lol you seriously believe that people "don't buy" AMD cards because it consumes 5$ more yearly. Halfwits will still be half wits.
AMD its not going anywere. I can't wait to get the R9 390x.

@mikeslemonade. Seriously mate?
You want AMD to release 3-4 cards each year like Nvidia does? Thats really bad for consumers.
I think the 2 years old R9 290 still is better price performance than the GTX 970. This shows the bad business practices Nvidia does to the GPU market.

lelo2play1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

"AMD lost $180 million and GPU market share in Q1"

AMD have good cards, but Nvidia have better drivers, better TDP, more stable cards and have a better PR department... that makes a hell of a difference. If we take a look at the mid-range graphics cars, AMD have a pretty good selection of cards compared to Nvidia, but they simply don't sell as much. AMD Radeon R9 285X is probably the best mid-range card at this moment.

BTW, I don't think consoles sales are helping much AMD... like Nvidia predicted (and were bashed by fanboys for making those predictions LOL).

MrSec841043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

I can't say I agree with you console sales comment, when AMD shipped what must have been close to 30 million SOCs for Sony and Microsoft last year, yet they maybe shipped half that in discrete GPUs, the console market has to be worth a fair bit of cash too them.

NVidia's tiny as far as Margin's go was never going to be the same as AMD's, simply because AMD always took a smaller margin on their products compared to NVidia.
Given that Nvidia doesn't have any experience in the APU market and that's what both Sony and MS ended up going with I doubt Nvidia were any kind of real consideration for either company.

Kumomeme1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

more like nvidia bittersweet prediction because they dont get the contract?

Perkel1043d ago

980 120W is average where R9280 is maximum.
980 maximum is only like 20-30W different

Also R280 is rebranded 7970 which is like few years old at this point (along with it's tech)

NecotheSergal1043d ago

Even if they consume a lot of power, I'm sure that when a person decides to buy a GPU, their highest whine is whether or not it chugs more power than desired unless their PSU is alarmingly low and they have to literally crunch numbers to barely pass the bar of "Not enough juice".

For the right price, people will buy AMD over Nvidia, only brainwashed fools would buy a $1000+ Titan/X card when for the same power am sure you could Crossfire an AMD card and get more power at the cost of a higher wattage demand.

Then again, there are a lot of fanboys who're brainwashed... I'm simply waiting for the AMD R9 390X price so I can compare it to the Titan X. I know it will cost less and have more power behind it, but I don't know the price for the 370x or 380x and if it's more friendly for my wallet.

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GreetingsfromCanada1043d ago

Sadly amd is going to die and a monopoly is going to screw us all.

DougLord1043d ago

AMD needs to die. They have had horrible management for 20 years and have burned billions of shareholder $$. They can no longer afford to invest in new tech and they can't attract good engineers. A gimped AMD is not real competition for anyone. If Samsung or Qualcomm or Apple buy them for pennies on the $ in bankruptcy you will have a strong competitor for once.

Kumomeme1042d ago

can't affort invest new tech,can't attract good enginer?horrible management?are you former amd executive?LOL

are you kidding?how about tressfx,mantle,freesync and latest vulcan api?
your statement more like fanboy grudge than stating fact...

beside are you sure want AMD to die so NVIDIA can do whatever they want with gpu market?

ngreedia age of overprice gpu are coming then

the industry really need competitions..because it benefit both the company and especially users

Shineon1043d ago

I'm an Nvidia guy and I want both companies to succeed!Hopefully they make it because we don't want to play monopoly with Nvidia or any company for that matter

ChrisW1043d ago

Same here, competition brings innovation.

Though honestly, it would be better if there was a third prominent company to encourage even greater competition.

sorceror1711043d ago

I do Nvidia mostly because I run Linux a lot, and Nvidia has much better Linux drivers. But I really want some competition in the market, and if AMD can get better drivers, I'm in.

Possibly the new Vulkan API will help. Supposed to be *much* simpler drivers necessary for that.

Nicolee1043d ago

imagine if no AMD then Nvidia will set the price even higher .

crazychris41241043d ago

It's amazing how 30 million consoles with their GPUs inside and they still can't turn a profit. What are they doing? I have a 7950 but for my next build I'm going Nvidia. They need to step it up. Not only make the cards more powerful but they need to have a smoother frame rate (it's usually all over the place), run efficently, and work with devs to add your special tech like Treefx to more games. We need the competition so these 1 company is left to do whatever they want.

Agent_00_Revan1043d ago

Exactly what I was going to say. How the hell can you have your chips in ALL 3 consoles this generation, and still fail? Its a no lose situation. They must Really be screwing up in the PC hardware side.

jdiggitty1043d ago

Their stock price is down almost 40% in the last 12 months. Price is at 2.54 right now.

memots1043d ago

I think it should read that this lost is in the GPU stuff to Nvidia **PC. Console would have nothing to do with GPU share lost.

Maxor1043d ago

Nvidia said it many times, but of course the fanboys don't listen. The console GPU business is not profitable. It's hard to make money when Sony and Microsoft only want to pay peanuts for your GPU and you're given zero opportunity to market your brand.

Lon3wolf1043d ago


I remember the Dreamcast (maybe gamecube too?) having an ATI logo on it years ago, wonder why the console makers wont allow it now though?

Kumomeme1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

dont forget that nvidia intentionally release those statement due they can't get the contract ...dont quickly trust more PR tactics to their competitor....

if they got the contract for console SoC,they surely will say different things..
the things is,both sony and ms goes for nvidia first,but due to the price they offered were to expensive,they go to amd was their fault

and now they release those bittersweet statement
and sadly,lot of people especially fanboy are buying that

T9001043d ago

Well supporting consoles is actually bad for their PC business. Let me explain:

1. They get paid peanuts for the console hardware they provide.

2. Consoles slow the PC industry down, as games are designed for old console hardware in mind. PC gamers dont need much upgrades like they used to. Take the example of last gen. Where a 8800GTX purchased in 2006 could easily last 5 years without needing an upgrade. This was because it was way more powerful than both the consoles. Hence could easily play most console ports in 1080p.

3. Since PC business slows down, it doesnt only hurt AMD GPU business it hurts other businesses like CPU, MB etc So AMD losses on many fronts.

4. Since consoles dont need better hardware for another decade, you dont need to be researching anything (not that the piddly profits from console sales will allow you to).

Bottom line is supporting consoles is bad for business. Nvidia did the smart thing by keep out.

jdiggitty1043d ago

Yeah, but PC gaming has been showing increased popularity the last few years.

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