GTA V PC Patch released

Rockstar released the first patch patch for GTA V which weighs in at 207MB on Steam but issues still remain.

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Th3o1010d ago

The game is still fantastic! Worth the wait!

thrust1010d ago

I can not believe how good looking this game is on the pc it's amazing!

Testfire1010d ago

I was floored how good it looked. I always had issues with freezing with my PS3 and never really progressed far into the game so this PC version its a dream come true.

I'm having a blast and I forgot how funny and well acted this game is.

Erik73571010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

I can't believe how people are not noticing that the ps4 version is almost identical to this! This is a console port and I'm disappointed with the purchase of it.

Now, it fantastic if you never bought the game before...but if you got the game for ps4 then there's no difference between the two other than one running 60fps....which for me is a standard for pc gaming...not something special...and nothing is special about the pc version of this game.

Kran1010d ago

And the benchmark bug still isn't fixed o.O

eldingo1010d ago

A big patch for a big game heres hoping it fixes some of the problems.