Project CARS' Staggering 110 Tracks Revealed

It will take a while to even just race through each track once.

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WESKER20151043d ago

im sorry but this is how you make a racing simulator, people dont seem to realize this game is a dark horse man, should be getting way for attention from the real gamers

herbs1043d ago

Game gets lots of negativity from Sony DriveClub fanboys the thing is those people are not real gamers they are amateurs.

EliteGameKnight1043d ago

Also I noticed that a lot of hype died when they delayed the Wii U version of the game. Though the other versions were delayed later, Wii U gamers, which were their largest interest group at the time, at least among console gamers, didn't much appreciate being put on the back burner

kraenk121042d ago

BS the games have nothing in common.

herbs1043d ago

Yah it is too bad Wii U owners need to wait should be awesome with the Gamepad. I will be going with the PC version seeing as how this is a simulator and I have a G27 wheel setup not to mention graphics and frame rate.

Mega_Volnutt1043d ago

This game will come to Wii.U, when the PS5 releases...

Angerfist1042d ago

Mugello has been scrapped from the previous Version of the game tho. Now probably DLC. cant wait tho anyway. Finally a proper MotorsPorts Simulator und not just a driving Simulator like Forza and GT