LEGO Dimensions Should Cater to Girls and Younger Players too

Play Toys TV writes "It would be good if Dimensions could offer a version specifically for the younger age range, especially as LEGO has realms suitable for such a venture. Not only would this be good for kids of that age it’ll be good business – these games are insanely popular and with the LEGO franchise behind it Dimensions promises to be just as massive as Skylanders and Infinity."

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Clarity_Page1037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

I miss the days before Lego was gender segregated,sure they have had princess castles and other girly-er sets for many years but in recent years they have driven a real wedge in-between "Boys Lego" and "Girls Lego"... its all the same bricks and completely compatible Its almost funny that Lego have missed the enlightening irony in that

making some duplo sets would be a good idea though, they could unlock easier levels for the budding not-yet-gamers :-)