Mortal Kombat X PC vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

One of the most anticipated games of 2015, Mortal Kombat X compared on two rival platforms.

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u got owned1010d ago

I disagree, there is definitely differences but I wouldn't go and say massive. Massive would be more like 360 version vs PC version. This is more like marginal differences.

altimako021010d ago

i think you need a new tv if you cant see a massive difference

u got owned1010d ago


I have a Macbook Pro with Retina 3360 x 2100 display. More like you don't know the meaning of massive.

corroios1010d ago

This is pointless how many gamers have this PC, the exact same PC used to make this comparison.

PC games are a world apart from consoles.

Father__Merrin1010d ago

best experience is on a large living room telly especially with friends round, but talking visually according to Steam stats most have very moderate pc which tbh is all you need

Khajiit861010d ago

I was doing that last night with friends and will tonight, on my PC, playing with a DS4.

Scatpants1010d ago

They can use the same settings without having the same PC.

hkgamer1010d ago

whats the point doing a pc/ps4 comparison? we all know that unless its a bad port or devs choosing to have parity acreoss all versions then its obvious that a pc will look much better.

Corpser1010d ago

It's a comparison of the game on all platforms, why would you skip one?

GDDR6_20141010d ago

How can ps4 win if the comparison includes PC! It's not fair!

deadpoolio3161010d ago

Because unless your a moron or retarded, PC is NOT a console, and again as was pointed out unless its a bad PC port the PC version will always look better...Console gamers don't a crap, unless they're delusional fanboys they know PC looks better and prefer consoles for the convenience....

Snookies121010d ago

Eh, even as a PC gamer I'd rather just have it on console. Fighting games are couch co-op games for me. That's their main appeal. Getting together with my friends with some beers and some great fighters. Makes it much less of a hassle when on console.

Nwah1010d ago

You can plug a controller into your PC and have a friend play with you. It's that simple m8.

Snookies121010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

Yeah, but I don't have friends come to my house. (Mainly because I use a monitor and don't have a big TV for multi-player games.) I just take my games over to their places in most cases.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081010d ago

@Snookies12 Okay! so yourself a PC gamer would rather play your fighting games on consoles because like you said, are couch co-op games for you, and you getting disagrees? this site never cease to amaze me. LMAO! -_-

hennessey861010d ago

I already no the PC version will look better, just like PS4 owners no there version will look better than the Xbox one's. This video is just here to get hits from a flame war. DON'T WATCH IT

deadpoolio3161010d ago

Exactly console gamers know the PC version will look better, they don't care. Console gamers prefer consoles for the convenience, unless they are truly fanboys there is no point, not like a console gamer is suddenly going to go well hot damn that looks so much better on PC let me run out and upgrade. Its more like a meh whatever already knew that

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The story is too old to be commented.