EA, Please Do Not Ruin Star Wars: Battlefront

10 Years In The Carbonite Chamber

One of the most beloved franchises to miss the last generation of consoles was the excellent Star Wars: Battlefront series, the franchise is considered by many to have two great outings on the PS2 in addition to solid PSP titles

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ArchangelMike919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

5 things you already Know EA will do with Star Wars Battlefront:

1) It will have 'Premium'
2) It will have a Season Pass for all the DLC map packs
3) It will have separate micro-transaction for guns and vehicles
4) It will be casual friendly (auto-aim, perks, big hit-boxes)
5) It will have console exclusive content

jamal1000919d ago

While I do hope for better, I totally agree. It is a shame really.

carlingtat919d ago

Isnt premium just another word for season pass? I dont mind it having DLC as long as the dlc isnt ripped from the original game. What makes you think it will be casual friendly?

ArchangelMike919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

1) It's a Star Wars IP
2) It's a Disney property
3) It's published by EA

In other words, mass market appeal will be the undelying marketing strategy.

carlingtat919d ago


Fair enough with it being Star Wars and EA but I dont think it being Disney property will matter unless they make it E for Everyone which I cant see happening with a shooter. Hardcore is always an option anyway.

starrman1985919d ago

6) It will, despite all those points, be awesome

iSuperSaiyanGod919d ago

Why is there a dislike? Must be the anti dlc nazis

ArchangelMike919d ago

Agreed. Sonce DICE are the devs - Yes it will be awesome. I can wait for that trailer. Only 2hrs to go as of time of writing this :)

I have to say though, we do have a long history of devs claiming bullshots and CGI target renders are "actual gameplay", should I dare to believe that DICE are telling the truth this one time???

starrman1985919d ago

I can feel the EA dislike, I have to admit - I don't really like a lot of their practices, but they deliver good games!

And as this is DICE I'm confident it will be great.

Allsystemgamer919d ago

Pay for premium to get increased non movie like accuracy as a stormtrooper

Ristul919d ago

7) Grind for like 30 hours to get anything good or just pay us money and we will give you these cool weapons and shit on the spot.

hkgamer919d ago

im gonna do an even bigger prediction and go for fuel and ammo(?) DLC.

on a more serious note, it will probably have consumable/currency DLC. its hard to think that EAwouldnt take advantage of microtransactions for such a high profile brand.

AngelicIceDiamond919d ago

So its EA"s usual practices that will ruin the game, go figure.

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jukins919d ago

Eh I'm thiking it will be a star wars skinned battlefield which is OK imo.

Sgt_Slaughter919d ago

But that is nowhere near the point of Battlefront...

If that's the case then people could have just made a Battlefield 4 mod and called it a day.

Same goes for Hardline.

NiteX919d ago

Yeah but then it would have been only on PC!

cmazza919d ago

Battlefront originally ripped from Battlefield when it first came out anyway

zsquaresoff919d ago

Ea will make a good game.

Its the dlc and micro transaction packages in game is what I'm worried about.

1. Buy 10x batteries to keep you light saber charged for 2hrs in game.

2. Buy 1 cylinder of oxygen for 20$ to breath in space.

3. Buy fuel in actual market price to make trips.

Ark_919d ago

DICE will make a good game. EA will fuck up the rest ... propably.

pompombrum919d ago

It's just a case of taking the rough with the smooth. DICE plus the license to create a Star Wars Battlefront game is a dream pairing, I'm expecting a quality game and they'll certainly deliver. EA will do everything they can to milk everyone for everything they possibly can though and I guess we all just have to cross our fingers that they do it without impacting the experience for those of us who are content with just buying the game.

Chard919d ago

As long as the base game is fun then count me in for the standard edition. I don't buy dlc of any kind, even for my favourite games.

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