Cheap PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Guide

Dealspwn: Looking for cheap PS4 hard drive deals is incredibly daunting. I've just spent hours browsing through loads of different sites and whittling through scores of drives to ensure these are the best prices and that the drives are compatible with a PS4 console. If you fee like browsing yourself, or double checking any deals below, here are some important specs you'll want to ensure a hard drive has. If it's not listed, try to contact the seller or don't bother.

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WizzroSupreme1037d ago

That's nifty. I know a few friends who could use something like that.

hkgamer1037d ago

i thought that 7200rpm hdd was not a good idea due to it heating up the console?

anyway. if you dont mind making your ps4 ugly then that nyko attachment seems quite cool, basically allows desktop hdd. those hdd are dirt cheap compared to laptop ones so it could be a money saver.

LilMassacre1037d ago

I currently have a 7200rpm hardrive on my ps3 for over three years, zero problems so far. The ps3 does get hotter because of it though.

MaximusTKG1037d ago

I am seriously not trying to be rude, but a PS3 and a PS4 do not have the same architecture. Therefore saying that you have had a 7200 rpm HDD in there is a moot point. Who knows what could happen in 3 years to a system that has a much higher demand in nearly every facet of design.

uth111037d ago

Sony doesn't recommend 7200rpm drives because of extra heat. However in practice this may or may not be a problem.. they are taking the side of caution.

GameSpawn1037d ago

Due to caching tech, the performance difference between a 7200RPM and 5400RPM drive (in the 2.5" form factor) is negligible. Just stay away from drives labeled as "Green" drives as they are not very durable and highly likely to fail with extended use.

I always go for enterprise and server level drives (read more expensive) because of their higher MTBF (Mean-Time Between Failures). Enterprise and server drives are designed for extended use and constant reads and writes. If you stick to the 5400RPM range, just make sure you can get around 64MB+ cache (32MB cache drives would probably work fine if you are strapped the extra money needed for the larger cache drives).

You can also go the Hybrid (HDD+SSD) route, though the performance boost isn't very noticeable over a non-Hybrid drive like a full on Solid State Drive would be in comparison. There is a very slight performance increase with Hybrids, but nothing to throw a hullabaloo over.

OpenGL1037d ago

I've had a 7200RPM hard drive in my PS4 for a year and one in my PS3 for 6 years.

rainslacker1036d ago

Not much more heat is generated by a 7200rpm drive, and the PS4 runs much cooler than it's rated for, so I think it'd be fine.

The nyko attachment seems more appealing to me because it actually does match the lines and colors of the PS4. If I could get a 2.5". On the downside, paying for it and a 3.5" drive is about the same price as a 2.5" drive, so the only real advantage is that you can get a much larger hard drive.

Realistically though, you could use a drive without some kind of bay, so the nyko thing is more for aesthetics.

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TeamLeaptrade1037d ago

I don't think I'd risk it myself.

FullmetalAlchemist1037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

I just upgraded my PS4 hard drive a week ago to 2tb. I got this for $85 and just followed this video that someone linked in the comments on there It was super easy to do. Just make sure you have a flash drive with the latest PS4 system update on it because you have to install that on the PS4 after you put the hard drive in. Its also 5400rpm so you don't have to worry about over heating.