Tretton would have liked backwards compatibility in PS3

Sony boss Jack Tretton said in a roundtable with journalists at E3 today that he would have liked to have had backwards compatibility in PlayStation 3, but the company has made its decision and is sticking with it.

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chester3777d ago

hooray for my original backwards compatible 60gb!

Polluted3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Hells yaa! When I picked mine up I was able to trade in my PS2 for some extra credit towards the PS3 because I knew it was backwards compatible. I still pick up bargain bin PS2 games here and there that I never had a chance to play before.

Edit: It just occurred to me that this is going to be the 5th sku for the PS3 not including the Metal Gear edition. They really should just make up their minds.

Kami3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

the original 60gb ps3 is still the best.

UPDATE: WTF? now i have 3 bubbles?!. bastards

Bubble Buddy3777d ago

I'll bubble u up Kami :), and yes, I love my 60GB, but I got to get a new hard drive soon, running out of space.

Real Gambler3777d ago

Basically, they could have added one slot under the PS3 for a module. Extra cost for the slot: $2 max. Not much in the overal price.

Then you sell the BC module for like $40. People who really wanted it could have bought it. It could have been bundled as well. And nobody would complaint about it anymore.

I would also have been very curious to see how many people would buy it TODAY! I'm pretty sure, years ago, it would have been a decent seller, but today? not that many for sure. Most would buy another PS3 game with that money, and take out the old PS2 to take care of that sudden PS2 need.

SmokingMonkey3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

60gb PS3 plays the most games of ANY console EVER made.
Playstation games to boot, Hardcore games

that's why had no problems paying $600+ for one way back in Jan 07
i was playing RESISTANCE 40 players online and FREE on day 1! and i was still playing ODIN SPHERE (PS2) MOTORSTORM on the side. great launch IMO VIVA LA RESISTANCE

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Snufkin3777d ago

Tretton is a liar, he couldn't care less about the mooks that buy 'gimped' PS3's.

Angelitos3777d ago

Well, if they added the backwards compatibilty, SONY will loose even more money.

ForROME3777d ago

Seriously, who cares. Be gone with it. I sold my PS2 and all of its games. I now have a PS3, I am here to play PS3. Now on with PS3...leave the rest behind.

unbiased3777d ago

I love playing PS2 games.

thebudgetgamer3776d ago

iu will never get rid of my ps2 heck i still got my 2600 up and running

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The story is too old to be commented.