US Government Once Again Discusses Console Jailbreaking

The US Government is once again considering the legality of jailbreaking consoles.

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MCTJim1072d ago

You do this with consoles, then DRM that so many dred, will become the norm and thats that. You want updates to that jail broken console...not anymore!!

Enough already with this crap.

1072d ago
ThunderPulse1072d ago

Getting tired of people trying to tell me what to do with my property.

Dlacy13g1072d ago

And companies are tired of people trying to get around their systems to steal content from them that they should rightfully have to pay for. Its a vicious circle my friend.

annoyedgamer1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Maybe they should stop trying to shortchange consumers? I am all for protecting businesses but I am tired of corporations getting in bed with the government to infringe my rights. This is DRM all over again just through a back door. The day DRM becomes standard is the day I quit consoles, I actually prefer consoles at the moment because the disk goes in and the game starts not some stupid program that the game launches through.

Dlacy13g1072d ago

Hey annoyedgamer, I do feel your pain and I don't think anyone likes the notion of DRM. Sadly its become the defacto weapon for companies to counter piracy. That said, the way the industry is moving... game streaming is going to become the eventual platform of delivery for these companies (PSNow, etc...) and as you streaming is by its nature controlled by DRM.

Yi-Long1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

@Dlacy: Cities Skyline says hi: Low price, no DRM, open for endless modding and sharing >>> Great sales!

If a product, be it a game, movie, TV-show, anime, music, or whatever is offered at a fair price which offers value for money, people will be willing to buy it.

This is proven time and time again. In fact, research has shown 'downloaders' also spend a lot more on entertainment than those who don't download.

I'm in Holland. Some shows don't air here. People will download them instead, great word of mouth will spread, and once a (fairly priced) BR-box pops up in the stores of a show that hasn't even be shown on TV yet, it will sell very well anyway.

Heck, the whole anime/manga industry in the west is mostly BUILT on 'illegal downloads'.

OrangePowerz1072d ago


DRM is already standard. Just look at Steam, that is a full on DRM platform.

wonderfulmonkeyman1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

PSNow is already a horrible alternative to native or downloaded backwards compatibility.
The day all console companies make it so I can't play their games without being online, force me to stream/rent instead of download/purchase my games, and/or demand that I be a part of their damned subscription service just to play a game's online multiplayer, is the day I turn fully to PC gaming, or quit gaming altogether.

Thanks for opening Pandora's Box with Now, Sony.
Same to anyone else doing similar crap.
You've ruined authentic BC in your pursuit of cash.-_-;;
Long live PS3, PC, and Wii U.
The last champions of BC done right.

Segata1072d ago

I soft modded my Wii to import games I bought legit because region locking is bullshit. Companies should stop treating every customer like they are criminals. I bought imported the PAL copy of Xenoblade,The Last Story and Pandora's Tower from PAL back when NOA refused to release them. When NOA did bought the games again. I never use Homebrew to pirate, I import and many do. Stop assuming every mod is made to cheat.

Mega_Volnutt1072d ago


What do you mean by authentic BC?

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Mikelarry1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Its all fair to say this but then you should accept that your system should not be allowed to access any of their services, because truthfully speaking I don't want your jailbroken system to affect my service due you have some sort of back-door on your system

johndoe112111072d ago

Very sorry but as a primarily console gamer I 100% support the banning of jailbreaking consoles. No good will come of it. The manufacturers will put every measure in place to stop them from loosing money through jailbreaks and that will result in heavy drm measures. If you really gave a damn about the industry you would not support jailbreaking.

Mkai281072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

What we think is ours really isn't.. Do you know as soon as your parents signed that birth certificate, you became property of the state? Sad but true, then they give you a number( social security) and soon as you are able to work they make you pay money to them.

Anything you have, house, car, ect. They are able to take without notice, sadly if you do pay taxes it's still not yours.

There is no law to pay taxes, but that's another story.

rainslacker1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

I'm not against the jailbreaking of any device, but I am not to fond of jailbreaking that can lead to piracy on a system. That is a pretty big concern for most companies, and when looking at the Vita, it's obvious that Sony went overboard to prevent jailbreaking and hacking of it's system specifically to prevent piracy.

If jailbreaking is done simply so people can do their own homebrew stuff, or tinker around with their device for their own purposes, and it doesn't involve stealing games, then I say have fun. Unfortunately, history has shown us that homebrew makes up a very small percentage of what people do on jailbroken consoles, and your comment is used by many as rhetoric to cover up their intentions to pirate games and still act morally justified in doing so. I would fully support a jail break that didn't allow piracy, but those are pretty rare, and more often than not those jailbreaks get extended by others to make them allow piracy.

I may seem harsh here, but I used to be the same way, and while I actually did buy and import games and had my PS1 and PS2 modded for such purposes, I still pirated a lot more, and I know that the very large community that used rhetoric such as yours did exactly the same thing...except most of them didn't spend a dime on content.

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S2Killinit1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Little by little we are loosing our rights to technology and those that normally fight for personal freedoms are increasingly too slow to react to the ever increasing advance of technology. The ones whose interest is being protected by new legislation tend to be the corporations who, motivated by profits, are quickest to respond, and as "persons" get to pay "our" representatives to enact new laws that affect the corps interests. If your rights as a free individual are suffocated in the process, oh well.

cogniveritas1072d ago

Consumers are busy trying to claim and protect rights while producers are able to define and redefine the rights that consumers claim to protect their business models.

rainslacker1072d ago

If jailbreaking didn't lead to piracy in most cases then companies wouldn't care what you did with your devices so long as it didn't interfere with their own interest.

The percentage of people who jail break for "legitimate" purposes is far outweighed by those who do it for stealing content, and I think console manufacturers have every right to want to protect their work.

Companies make up the country as well. It's not just about people. I don't like how corporate interest has taken a much bigger spotlight in the past few years, but at the same time, companies need to be protected from people as much as people need to be protected from corporations.

plmkoh1072d ago

"iFixit goes on to mention some of the uses a jailbroken console may have...example cites the United States Air Force, who networked 1,700 PlayStation 3"

Errr, that 1700 PS3 cluster was done with the OtherOS function and Linux, that's legally approved by Sony. It was nothing to do with Jailbreaking. Massive fail by iFixit.

Ron_Danger1072d ago

I think you're forgetting that if they chose to fact check and post actual correct information it wouldn't make for a good videogames industry article. /s

How are articles with with so many incorrect facts getting approved lately??

OrangePowerz1072d ago

I'm against making jailbreaking consoles legal. It just opens up to many possibilities of pirating and other stuff.

rainslacker1072d ago

Companies would be better off offering the option to do what people who jailbreak claim they want to do by jailbreaking their console. Homebrew is the biggest reason. If you give people the means to do what they claim to want to do, then it removes the need to jailbreak in the first place, and opens up official resources which helps foster community and brand loyalty. On the plus side, it takes ammunition away from the pirates who use such rhetoric to justify their reasons for doing things so they can seem morally right in their actions.

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