Science proves no link between gaming and sexist attitudes

In the past year or so, ‘gamer’ has become synonymous with sexist. It’s a sad fact. Sure, there were always elements in games that weren’t representative of reality, and I’m glad that these were highlighted so that developers could be pushed to make better games. Unfortunately, many jumped onto this and the topic of women or sexism in gaming has become a ridiculously messy topic. However, research into this subject started way before these problems, and the findings exonerate the maligned gamers of the world.

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GavinMannion1189d ago

You know what's going to suck about this? Even though it was written by a woman there will be a ton of white knights who try say it's not true and that there is more sexism in gaming than elsewhere.

1189d ago
Dr_Angus1189d ago

Nah. There's more in comics, if you ask me.

Mikelarry1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

lol come on now, if the OP just replied with " nope not buying it" you expect him/her to provide some solid rebuttal.

NecotheSergal1189d ago

That'd be like proving that video games cause violence or sexism in players-....a highly improbable idea.

fallacious1189d ago

This is the dumbest argument. There are people who are sexist who play video games. Just as there are people who are sexist that watch movies, does that mean movies make people sexist?

Greyfoxdbz1189d ago

There is also no link between video games and violence.

Somebody1189d ago

I believe that there is a link between video games and fun.

Omnisonne1189d ago

Also: stress relief, problem solving, creative thinking and imagination. Theres probably some more

Won't hear a thing about positive effects though..

Ppl rather watch 6 hours of television a day brain dead.

Somebody1189d ago


You can say that again. Years ago I used Need For Speed Porche to help with my driving test. I couldn't go full on simulation mode because I only have a keyboard to play it with but it's enough to help me memorize the procedures the test required.

I haven't watched television in years. Too much reruns, reality shows and similarly themed TV shows.

Greyfoxdbz1189d ago

Hahaha, nice
never understood why so many people think there is a connection. I mean they don't play GTAV in Game of Thrones and look how violent those guys are.

mad-dog1189d ago

Pfffwhahahha, Ofcourse not.

Volkama1189d ago

It seems "science" hasn't played Dead or Alive

ThunderPulse1189d ago

It seems |science| hasn't been to a strip club.

mad-dog1189d ago

Ah is that the game that made you sexist?

rainslacker1189d ago

In this whole debate, the term sexist is being used in place of objectifying. Objectifying a woman, is not really the same as being sexist towards women. That's not to say that people that are sexist don't objectify women, but the two terms have distinct meanings.

If the idea of objectifying women was perceived as bad as being sexist towards women, then certain groups wouldn't be mixing up the terms to serve their own agenda.

annoyedgamer1189d ago

That is funny I walk down the street and see more revealing attire...

Volkama1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

@Mad-dog without getting too deep into self psychoanalysis, I'm going to go with... yes.

The article doesn't say gaming does/doesn't turn people sexist, it says there is "no link". There are clear examples of sexism within gaming. And every other walk of life. Personally I'm all for it!

@Rainslacker objectification of women is generally considered sexist behaviour though. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

rainslacker1189d ago


In general, yes it can be considered sexist, but it's not really in the instances being talked about by SJW.

Objectify: degrade the status of a mere object

sexist: attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of gender roles, discrimination or devaluation based on a person's sex or gender.

I know objectify seems very close to the part of the meaning of sexism, but they aren't the same thing. To objectify a woman, or portray them in a game as a stereotype, is degrading the idea of women by making them into a mere object, thus degrading the value of what a woman is. It isn't discriminatory. If it was being used as a way to prohibit equality for women, like say push an agenda of some sort, then it could be considered sexism against a gender, but not against a person which is where most sexism rears it's ugly head.

Sexism is the actual act or belief that discriminates against a different gender based on characteristics of that gender. Sexism often involves objectifying as part of this process.

However, in the case of games, which is what SJW have a problem with objectifying women, there is no real discrimination happening, as they are not actual women, but a construct of someone's imagination, nor are games being made to degrade woman's equality.

When it comes to gamers being sexist, which is more in line with this article, each gamer is different, so some will be sexist, others will not be. Some will objectify women, some won't.

One of the most frustrating things about this whole SJW debate is that everything is spoken of in absolutes, like millions of people have a collective mind and all think the same way. When someone tries to be a bit more balanced and talk in less generalities to actually discuss the problem, they are often labeled as sexist and villified by those who want to make this into an issue which was never an issue beyond the same crap everyone has to deal with.

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KryptoniteTail1189d ago

Unnecessary. It's common sense. Oh, wait; these SJWs don't HAVE common sense.

ShaunCameron1189d ago

Nope. They think education is an adequate substitute for common sense.

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