Goat Simulator available to download now on Xbox One

Neil writes "The time has come, your life will never be the same again…Goat Simulator is available on Xbox One!"

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oKidUKo1137d ago

At first I was like huh really, a goat sim? But looking more closely i'm very tempted!

subtenko1137d ago

It's interesting/fun for about 5min then after than, meh.... Noby Noby Boy was more addicting than this game.

ger23961137d ago

Who says the Xbox doesn't have any AAA games. I'm joking.

Ryan7411137d ago

You must be a laugh a minute in person.

ger23961136d ago

Not in person, just on the Internet.

WESKER20151137d ago

i had a choice, goat simulator or state of decay, wasnt an hard choice, goat simulator is just not my kind of game, and i dont really drink alcohol so i cant see myself ever enjoying this type of game Lol

OpieWinston1137d ago

Well SoD is an amazing game so it's a fair choice. I'm getting both because two player Goat sim is going to be fun as hell.

ocelot071137d ago

If you have never played Goat simulator before. I honestly suggest not getting it. Trailers may look fun but honestly after 5 minutes it gets very boring very quickly. Put the money towards better indie games like Ori and th blind forest or state of decay.

Watch someone play it on youtube. It is free.

n4rc1137d ago

i wanted this game simply because it looked hilarious..

but judging by comments, it would get old quick...

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