Mortal Kombat X: Modder Unlocks Rain, Sindel and Baraka

XVermillion posted a couple of videos to YouTube of Rain, Sindel and Baraka in training mode on PC, along with an explanation about how he did it on Reddit.

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thekhurg1004d ago

Now everyone can look forward to $20 DLC for them!

Larry L1004d ago

I doubt it. This game's DLC is already announced. We know what's koming. Same DLC cycle as the last game, and there won't be a second wave, regardless of how many people like me who would want that and would be glad to pay for more Kombatants instead of waiting two or more years for the next one. I think everyone who liked MK9 and bought all the characters would have been happy to pay for more of the characters we wanted. (Like you had Freddy in the game.....why not add Jason. Instead they add Jason in the next one.....which is kinda too late. They misunderstood the point of wanting Jason in the game WITH Freddy.....Hello?

Besides, this has been going on with Mortal Kombat games and hackers for as long as MK has had story modes of some kind (since Deadly Alliance and it's Konquest story mode). Not just on PC either. On both Deadly Alliance and Deception on PS2 and Xbox, hackers came up with custom codes for CodeBreaker/ARMax that pulled existing character models out of the story mode, which weren't actually full fledged characters and not playable at all aside from some basic moves and maybe some specials depending on what they did in story mode.

I used to use my codebreaker to play as Kung Lao, Fujin and Quan Chi in Deception. Sometimes it actually wouldn't freeze up when I went online and people would be like WTF!!!!! If anyone remember all the "Super Secret Unlockable" talk in MK forums around Deception, thank jerks like me for perpetuating that when a couple times a week some random guy on PS2 online ended up in a Match against Fujin in Deception. LOL Good Times !!!

Anyway, I'm sure that's all this is. I don't have MKX yet (broke) but I'd bet every one of these characters makes some appearance in the story mode.

Crazywhitie1004d ago

The story mode has a lot of old characters that should (more likely will be) in the game. Will duck it the make us pay for rain

Fireseed1004d ago

Gamers crying foul over not being able to play NPCs... Wow.

thekhurg1004d ago

Gamers crying foul over not being able to play characters already in the game that they will be charged for in the future to play. Wow.

Fireseed1004d ago

Are those characters finished?

krypt19831004d ago

Lmao entitled lil brats those story characters don't even have variations. I guarantee you them story characters will never be dlc and the 4 dlc characters will be the only dlc besides spawn..

SuperRaccoon1004d ago

Those characters look finished enough. Considering that variations consist of adding/removing powers, I would say those could have been in the game.

Fireseed1004d ago

Oh don't forget
-Balancing moves
-Animations for new moves
-VFX for new moves
-Audio for new moves
-Modelling and rigging for variation visuals
-3 audio introductions for every single character (Over 100)
-Unique in-fight audio quips
-Animation for two seperate fatalities
-VFX work for 5 seperate Brutalities

They could have been in game in maybe about 2 months time. You want to delay the game any longer?

SuperRaccoon1004d ago


I was taking that into consideration when I wrote my comment, and yes, I would like that. They could have put more effort into it. They removed tag team, the tower mini-games, the story is shorter, the variations are shallow and limit characters by removing their signature moves for no good reason, very few stages with variations that are only color swaps.

Also, the towers are all almost exactly the same thing, the online seems to lag, the team battles are a lazy attempt to add more modes and as of now it has taken me more than 15 minutes to fill teams of five. Then add the fact that getting coins has been made more difficult to incite people to pay for the krypt.

I'm having fun with the game because I love Mortal Kombat, but in my opinion they screwed up the game.

CerebralAssassin1004d ago


HELL YES delay this game 2 month for more fighters. What kind of question is that? More variety of fighters equal more replayability. That was a stupid statement.

iSuperSaiyanGod1004d ago

right lmfao . guess i should be crying about never being able to play as mr freeze in injustice . people need to get over this crap . but let them do there "gamer gate" or whatever these people are doing now days . just buy the dlc and shut up .or don't buy it . hate seeing all the complaining

CerebralAssassin1004d ago

It's not about paying for DLC. I got no problem dropping money on DLC. It's about paying for characters that have already been playable in the past. Mr freeze was never a playable character I feel that's a poor example. It's more along the lines of Paying for Ken in street fighter because Ryu is there.

kagon011004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

PC = freedom

Current Consoles = oppression

This game is looking uglier as time passes. I hope this happen in SFV so it can become irrelevant...

Bass_fisherman1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

freedom leads to piracy and piracy stains the pc platform no wonder why devs are still avoiding you pc f$&#

KryptoniteTail1004d ago

I hope SFV learns from SFxT's mistakes and this abomination's disasters (homosexual characters, abhorrent DLC practices, and all).

krypt19831004d ago

Lmao street fighter has been shit since the 90s and will never be shit again, with Sony helping design the game lets see what they rip off of mkx, shitty dlc ok lets not talk abour super street fighter ultra suck hyper ass edition ...

XabiDaChosenOne1004d ago

Poison in the Street Fighter series is a transsexual. I'm not sure if it is technically correct to refer to him/her as gay or not but yea.

KryptoniteTail1004d ago

Poison is a woman from Final Fight; they called her a man in America but not Japan because we have a bunch of crybaby SJWs afraid to depict killing women in games.

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