Price war erupts in PS4 vs Xbox One battle

Xbox One and PS4 are retailing for well below £300, as the price war between the consoles continues.

Xbox announced last week that UK retailers would be lowering the cost of its console to £299.99 but some stores have gone even lower - GameStop is selling the system for under £280. Last week, the average selling price of Xbox One was the lowest it has ever been.

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Genuine-User1065d ago

"PS4 is retailing for well below £300".


AlphaBlackWolf961065d ago

For it to be a price war, wouldn't the PS4 have to be dropping the price as well? I don't understand. This is just Microsoft repeatedly dropping the price to be more competitive.

Sonital1065d ago

Yeah, they need to get more consoles out there to convert hardware sales into software sales as that's the profit machine.

Both companies lose money on the consoles themselves but Sony is in the stronger position of having a greater number of potential software sales out there. Hypothetically though, if Xbox players bought 10 games and each PS4 owner only buys 1 then on paper the Xbox would be more "successful" from a business standpoint.

At least, I think that's how it works..

FarEastOrient1064d ago

PS4 is sold at a profit since the beginning of 2014.

BG115791065d ago

How can there be a price war when the PS4 is still at the same price?
Did Sony dropped the price and there was no news about it?

Fro_xoxo1065d ago

Retailers have taken matters into their own hands. It seems.

MasterCornholio1065d ago

Yep its a price war between retailers not between Microsoft and Sony.