MWEB GameZone Review | Mortal Kombat X - Brutal Beauty

MWEB GameZone writes "Let me begin by saying that Mortal Kombat X is one of the best fighting games I've ever played. It's a surprising opener, I know. Trust me, though, it's the truth. The level of violence in the game borders on ludicrous, and the pace is breakneck. You're going to get just as much variety in the gameplay."

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Sillicur1009d ago

Excellent review! Cant wait to play it myself :)

DesVader1009d ago

I think the new Mortal Kombat X is a fine addition to the legacy of the title!

schmoe1009d ago

tyvm, cool game & nice write.

slappy5081009d ago

Busy installing it now on my PC. Quite like the steelbook it came in

spicelicka1009d ago

Gameplay is amazing as always, but graphics are really disappointing for a nex-gen game. I don't know why they didn'tuse Unreal engine 4, everything has a weird glow that doesn't look realistic at all.

Shineon1008d ago

I agree with you just got through playing it and I'm not impressed with the graphics and I got everything turned up too.I know I will get disagrees with this but MK9 still looks good at 1080P and I'm not talking about the console version either I just think that mk9 was more vibrant and smooth.

spicelicka1008d ago

It really was, I was actually watching videos of MK9 and MKX when i wrote that comment, and i couldn't find much of a difference. Fighting games have the luxury of making amazing graphics because there is not as much going on in the engine when compared to say a 3D shooter, which is all the more reason it should have look better.

I think it was made as a last-gen game then someone made the decision to push it onto nex-gen consoles. That would explain why they used Unreal engine 3.

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