Gamespot: inFamous stage demo

Gamespot got the a stage demo of inFamous showing actual gameplay.

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Tmac3775d ago

Yeah this game is definitely looking awesome.

NO_PUDding3775d ago

Teh balckout and boss battle was unbelieveable.

I knew I was right to be hyped abotu Sucker Punch... the animations are unbelieveable.

God the animations are excellent, and the wall clinging cover... NICE.

Dodging the boss battle attacks...

Argh riding the train, I am so hyped. It's a bad thing.

Overr8ed3775d ago

Once again, Great game bad interview. i thought that you can control more then electricity, it would have been nice to see that but the game looks great.

BulletToothtony3775d ago

fashion artists... she really has no idea what to ask or what he's talking about..

you have to know about the industry or the game in order to ask smart questions.. not.. hey tell us about the story over and over.. lame interviews..

Bubble Buddy3775d ago

The dude from Sucker Punch doesn't have flow as Ted Price while answering questions, but this game does look sick. I always wanted a superhero sandbox game where you can jump from buildings to buildings, but they got to have more than one power. Let's hope this game will be fantastic.

NO_PUDding3775d ago

" I was gonna say I have never seen someone hang off the side of a building.....

and er.... start tryign to take out... these..... dudes in orange hoods"

Is she trying to say she has never seen someone hang off a buildign and take out dudes in orange hoods?

Becuase that to be fair, is hardly a normal occurence.

ruibing3774d ago

The early build looks amazing.

On a side note, the girl really shouldn't be doing the interviews.

DaTruth3774d ago

Love the cutscene artwork. Reminds me of that video by Jeru the Damaja: The black prophet. one of my favorite videos.

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TheHater3775d ago

holy sh1t. Did you see when he fricken call down a thunder storm down on the boss? That is fricken insane.

TheColbertinator3774d ago

Gotta be-be gotta be-be superher-superhero STATIC SHOCK!

N4M3L3553775d ago

Damn! This brawd really knows how to conduct an interview.

zenosaga043775d ago

Looks amazing! This is my fourth time watching the demo and I'm still impressed

Mungo Jerry3775d ago

He absolutely got some monkey skills. Maybe a little too much to be ordinary skills, but really i don't care. Also the boss in the end look nice and a bit scary, until he got fried, deep!