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GR-UK writes: "When our day at Avalanche is at an end we're left feeling a little ambivalent. On the one hand Mad Max offers a vast and beautiful world; one that captures the essence of the source material and that's filled with exciting characters and places to visit, that has an interesting storyline and a vehicle that will get your pulse racing. On the other hand the game world feels empty and desolate, and what's there tends to lean on tedious repetition in the shape of quests and side-activities that we have seen far too many times in other similarly-styled games."

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oasdada1009d ago

Possibly a sleeper hit on our hands

poppinslops1009d ago

This is one of the few multiplat games I'd consider buying for PC, if-only for the inevitable Mel Gibson/Tina Turner mods... THUNDERDOME!!!

spicelicka1009d ago

I love how movie related games are coming out simultaneously with the movies, like this and Star wars battlefront. Yet they're completely different than the movies and made by devs like actual games, not just movie-games.

mad-dog1009d ago

That doesn't sound all that positive.

curtis921009d ago

So it's an issue with Mad Max if the world feels empty and desolate... but in arkham games... GOTY!