GTA 5 4K videos look Gorgeous (direct feed)

Fans of GTA V can drool over these rather lovely looking GTA 5 4K videos which shows the game at its best. Direct feed download available.

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Software_Lover1069d ago

....... That has to be the flattest butt in the world lol.

u4one1069d ago

That's it. I just got a 65" 4k tv. Now I really want to get a pc rig and run it on the tv. Man. That look is really good.

diesoft1069d ago

Since you got crazy money to throw around, how about helping a poor gamer out? lol

1069d ago
FlameBaitGod1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

If you don't have a 4k Tv/monitor plz don't choose that option in video settings when watching the vid lol

BattleAxe1069d ago

We need to see some PC 4k comparisons vs the PS4....just for fun ;)

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