Project Cars To Release May 12th in US, Up To 45 Cars On Track At Same Time, 8 New Tracks & More

Slightly Mad Studios talks about maximum cars on the track, US release date, mandatory pit-stop in career mode. Other news is that 8 new locations have been added to the track list.

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mad-dog1007d ago

Traffic jam, the game.

BartMoons1006d ago

Hope the game features traffic lights ;)

ThunderPulse1006d ago

Please no I hate them enough IRL

ThunderPulse1006d ago

I hope gridlock will be a game mode that has a speed limit of 5mph.

DarkOcelet1006d ago

If they don't fix the fps in the console version, it will be received very badly. The frame drop is unacceptable.

orakle441006d ago

Have you played it? On pc, there is no significant fps drop on my rig atleast. They have it pretty well figured out, and doing a WTC race with 30+ plus cars is just fantastic. If you are playing it and experiencing framerate drops it might be your pc.

Me-Time1006d ago

I can attest to this (unfortunately) :(

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kakashi811006d ago

So will the Wii U version come out?

Sgt_Slaughter1006d ago


It'll be released later on, way past when it should, and then sales will be low and they'll release a statement saying they are disappointed with the Wii U sales figures.

Has already happened way too many times with several different games.

Mega_Volnutt1005d ago

I was going to on Wii.U, but now on Steam is my other option...hey wait a minute, Steam is also delayed...:(

AlphaBlackWolf961006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

Very impressive. Definitely worth a rent from Gamefly for me when it comes out.