Find Destiny: Xur Agent of the Nine vendor location - April 17-19, 2015

PSU writes:

Xur's back with his sack of Exotic goodies, but what is he selling?

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akurtz1045d ago

The last word. Oh boy.

Themba761045d ago

great it's xursday when will he sell an hunter chestpeice?

GameSpawn1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

If you have the motes (which you probably do) buy the Chest Engram he is selling this round. If you have enough motes for 3 or more you'll increase your chances of getting a Hunter Chest piece and if you play all three classes your rolls will have less of a chance of being wasted since you'll get something for someone (unless it is a duplicate in which case you got a Shard for motes).

My Titan is the only one that has gotten the poo stick as far as drops and engram rolls, but at least he has one Exotic Helmet and Chest piece to still be able to reach 30-31 Light.

Every piece of Exotic armor for my Warlock, Titan, and Hunter (save one) came from Xur's Engrams that cost motes. The ONLY piece of Exotic armor I got outside of that was Starfire Protocol (pre-DLC stats) out of a Legendary Chest Engram with my Warlock (truly one of the luckiest engram rolls ever).

xHeavYx1045d ago

Try to get the gauntlet "Don't Touch Me". I think it's the best exotic piece of armor.

Datgoon11045d ago

I. Already have the last word!! C'mon Xur!! How many ppl already have this gun?!

brettyd1045d ago

I don't and i'm stoked haha.