Watch GTA V being played on the Virtuix Omni full-body motion controller

Here, VR headsets are a bit old hat, aren't they? What you really need to do to experience true gaming satisfaction, is to strap yourself in to a full-body motion detector like the Virtuix Omni (ignoring the fact that it makes you look like a knock-off Terminator stuck on the production line).

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ArchangelMike1045d ago

OMG that thing would be soo cool to have... if I could affor it... and if my wife would let me...

still, a man can dream right :)

FriedGoat1045d ago

Looks like a huge waste of energy.
holding the gun is pointless, the head movement stupid. the walking isn't even in time. All of these things would make immersion impossible. They should hold out on showing things until it's at least decent.

Perjoss1045d ago

Just go fot it, you can always get a new wife

ArchangelMike1044d ago

Lol... hmmm. I wonder what she would say if I told her that... o.0

ThunderPulse1045d ago

Don't let her tell you how to spend your money.

ArchangelMike1044d ago

Funny story... I did that once... Once!!! I went and bought my 42" plasma TV when the PS3 came out.... well... *lets just say I lived to tell the tale :)

Nah... she's not that bad, she's put up with my gaming addiction for the past 10 years. It affects the whole family when I'm spending 100bucks a month on games :D

hkgamer1045d ago

i guess its a decent mod.

just feel that the head track and look should not move with where the gun is aiming. what i am trying to say is that the head track should not just be a replacement of the mouse control and should be something different that focuses on looking around.