Kim sees FFXIII as key to Japanese development door

Microsoft head Shane Kim said that the capture of Final Fantasy XIII should unlock many doors in Japan.

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JVIDICAN3720d ago

one problem, its not releasing in japan...

pwnsause3720d ago

after reading that i LOLED so hard. anyway, if you think about it, its good that this happened, i hope sony finally opens their eyes and start getting the third parties on board

vitz33720d ago

It's not even being released there!! Does this idiot think before he talks? He spouts all kinds of crazy every time he's interviewed.

Lucreto3720d ago

Lets hope the first one they buy back it FF XIII.

NinjaRyu3720d ago

If FF13 going to the 360 teach you guys anything, it should be that things can change! Who knows, maybe theirs soming kim is not telling us about FF13!

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Angelitos3720d ago

You and your f*ggot homies bribed for FF13 to be multiplatform.

Tmac3720d ago

Lol it's not even being released there, what a flippin' tool! LOL!

demolitionX3720d ago

what the heck he's talking about???!! Give me his job, i will do a better job than his!

Peekay3720d ago

i cant beleive this. This was like that time that Kim thought no one knew anout how RE5 was coming to the 360 when in fact the whole world knew! hahaha

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