Are female gamers treated equally?

In an age where women have pushed equality and fought for their rights and are now deemed equal, we still see the term 'gamer girl', 'gamer chick' or similar cringeworthy term used to describe them.

The rise of mobile gaming has seen a huge rise in the numbers of females who are now considered 'gamers'. A recent report by The Guardian shows that the gaming popularity is actually made up of more females than males but labels remain.

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DarkOcelet1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

" it’s the internet and more specifically the gaming world in which equality is lagging behind"

Inside or Outside the internet, does it really matter? And may i ask who treats anyone equally? There is no equality in our world.

God created us equal but we human always use racism/religion/sex/nation etc etc etc to drive us apart and that's how it will always be unfortunately. We can all learn to love and respect each other but many will always look at another person as inferior to him/her or will never be equal to him and shouldn't be treated like him/her. Thats how the world works.

ryoren1038d ago

So you're just accepting that this is how it is? I'm pretty sure there will be some females who won't be too pleased with your comment.

DarkOcelet1038d ago

I never said i accept that, i just said its a fact. Will it be changed? In time, it could be but it will take some hard work.

And people who do harass women or anyone online should get a life.

UltraNova1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )


Out of the all the world inequalities you mentioned sexism is the least of our problems especially against racism!

I think this has been blown out of proportion especially since its the 21st century we live in!

When it comes to gaming I think equality between sexes has never been an issue and there is no need to keep trying to find issues to bring sexism in gaming on the spot again!

So I ask you fellow female gamers how do you feel you're being treated? are you treated any differently than any other male gamer? , honestly is there a a certain way we gamers are treated to begin with?

Personally for me the notion of sexism in gaming doesn't even exist. I dont know maybe things are different where I live...

Eejanaika1038d ago

Hes right. Kinda what makes each culter and ethnicity unique in my opinion.
I don't necisarily find it bad until negativity gets involved.

Moldiver1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

DarkOcelet is being a realist, ryoren.

We bang on about female gamers and SJWs and that sarkesian chick...

But are black gamers treated equally?

are asian gamers treated equally outside of asian region lobbies?

jews? arabs? indians? are any of them treated equally?

Just going with that rhetoric plays into the hands of SJWs who attack white male gamers. And I wont take part in that (Im black, so Ill call it as I see it, seeing as I dont have a dog in that fight.). come to think of it...this whole article stinks of that usual SJW rhetoric.

Aside from that. Online gaming is a wild and cutthroat place. If you cant take the heat get out of hells kitchen and play a co-op game with friends. I never felt no type of way about using my mute/block buttons....but not before dishing out a verbal ass kicking to the offender. Give as good as you get...or get out. that online gaming. And honestly feminists should have more pressing issues to deal with than getting shouted at online. Its petty compared to rape culture, and workplace inequality.

And honestly.. SJWs are just dickless nerds whos only chance of getting laid is by TRYING to be the knight in shining armour. real men can see right through them.

voodoochild3461038d ago

Perfect comment. Couldn't agree more. Especially that one about sjws at the end. As a fellow guy I know hustle when I see it...

donwel1038d ago

Here's something to ponder on, how many times have you heard of guys receiving free money/gear/etc from a legion of thirsty ass strangers in MMOs or (oftentimes quite literally) have an army of players to pick from to go questing with?
You never get that kind of treatment if you're a dude. Well, not unless you're pretending to be a chick anyway. Such is the reason why a lot of guys choose to play as female characters in MMOs.
My point is, that (answering the title of the article) no female gamers aren't treated equally to male gamers. In most cases they're treated much better.
With regards to trash talk though, like you said If you can't stand the heat... I've been in lobbies with a number of female gamers though and they've had me in creases with some of the hilarious shit they come out with, some ladies can definitely give as good as, if not better than they can take it. It's just all part of being competitive and there are some who just don't get it and take it personally.

Dirtnapstor1038d ago

I think there will always be a segment of the gaming populous that uses the anonymity to bash anyone for anything. Especially if they're getting schooled or mouthed. Most of the time it wouldn't happen in a real world setting because reality says they would probably get pummeled.
In many cases, being treated as equals is a badge to parade and flash for notoriety purposes. Equality is not just about the perks, it encompasses negatives also, a reality that the world doesn't necessarily owe anyone anything.

Games4ever1038d ago

God created us equal.

Wrong! We created God, but very differently around the world.

On topic. I always treats man and woman equally, like it should be.

voodoochild3461038d ago

People like yourself can never let religious people be. Even when I was an atheist I never went around picking fights and trying to change peoples beliefs. I realized that trying to force people to believe what I do neither enhances my life in any way or makes me a better person...

CLOUD19831038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

Biggest truth I have ever heard :) we our selves create not one but hundreds of Gods through our history, now they might be less that the old times but this doesn't change the fact that humans create all those imaginary divine beings because we are weak & we feel the need to rely on some higher spiritual being every time things become hard with our life & we think that if we pray God will somehow help us but ofc that's not what happens in the end & most learn that the hard way, it never stop surprise me of how ignorant most people are.

Games4ever1038d ago

voodoochild346 quote "I never went around picking fights and trying to change peoples beliefs"

Do you believe in anything you read? since you accuse me for trying to change peoples belifs.

And, is it really a problem for you, that I have a different opinion than you? I do not go around trying to convince people, that God is just Santa Claus for adults.

People can believe what they want, as long as it doesn't harm others, which it unfortunately do all the time.

NecotheSergal1038d ago

@voodoo - You're picking a fight right now. You're causing conflict, you're not even being passive about it since you went about labelling a person for simply having an opinion that he believes God doesn't exist which is his right.

Dog damn.

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Kurt Russell1038d ago

Fair point.

However I treat everyone equally. I put you all on mute or alternatively join a party chat with my friends to avoid listening to you, regardless of race, sex, nationality.

3-4-51037d ago


* The Site is called Video Game Debate .

Think about that for a second before you get baited in.

It's a site that exists ONLY to argue and create controversy that didn't otherwise exist.

Stop being fooled and falling for this BS.

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iamnsuperman1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

I think this is more of a question of how people treat others on the web. I don't think the image of females, in gaming, are helped by the use of "show girls" at events nor helped by "scantily clad females" on Twitch but the underlying problem is how people use the web. It doesn't really matter what sex you are, where you come from, what your beliefs are if there is something to exploit (with people seeing this as okay). i.e. it is a wider internet issue that doesn't just affect women

Moldiver1038d ago

"I don't think the image of females, in gaming, are helped by the use of "show girls" at events nor helped by "scantily clad females" on Twitch but the underlying problem is how people use the web."

I agree. I would also say that, these girls know what they are doing. They are exploiting male desires for monetary gain. playing the role of of sexy nerd/cosplay chick that digs nerd culture. Its practically a cliche at this point. a bad characature. And they continue to do it, knowing it simply promotes a stereotype that many male gamers are happy to believe in, because it plays into their own fantasies.

a man will always find a woman attractive and sexualise her (just as women do, with men). I dont see that as wrong personally. Thats just the law of attraction in the real world. But then im old school. It simply turns into something else on the net, though....And this is why people should not spend all day on the internet, which is a danger for the younger generation I feel, as it shapes their perceptions of the world and people of the opposite sex or another race, in ways it never did, to previous generations.

Hellsvacancy1038d ago

Depends how they treat me, same for anyone

StevenSeagul1038d ago

Nobody is treated equally on the internet. There's no need to constantly single out women and act like they're the only ones getting abuse.

Women throw insults around too, you know.

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