PC mods make Mortal Kombat X's final boss playable, Fatality is brutal and awesome **Spoilers**

**Spoilers** Mortal Kombat X is currently available on PC. Naturally, modders have already started dissecting the PC port to see what they can achieve. The final boss along with other characters such as Rain and Baraka have become playable.

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DarkOcelet1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Let me guess, they will make us pay for Rain and Baraka in the future eh?

Those fighters are basically 'disc locked content'. This is another developer i will not support.

ExplodingJuice1162d ago

Then don't. I for one will be glad to pay for more characters. To each their own.

isa_scout1162d ago

You're not paying for more characters though. You're paying for characters that you already bought. I for one am pissed. I thought something was off when I was fighting Baraka in the campaign. I went back to my fighter list thinking maybe he unlocked after the fight but nuthin.

UKmilitia1162d ago Show
ps360s1162d ago

oh wow!

I won't, if it should be in the game from start then it should be playable without paying

Ri0tSquad1162d ago

And Corrupted Shinnok, and call it Kombat Pack 2. You heard it here first...

Fireseed1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Are you going to be just as upset knowing you won't be able to play as Gordon in Arkham Knight? Are you going to get just as upset about not being able to play as R2-D2 in Battlefront? I mean they're probably in the game so not being able to play them is just "disc locked content" right?

Rain and Baraka show up in the story a handful of times just to drive the story forward, they don't even have X-Ray moves or Fatalities. Which would take more work. At a certain point a studio has to cut the product and ship it. Sure they couldve spent a few more months giving both Rain and Baraka full move sets, 2 more variations that were balanced and unique, X-Ray moves, 3 character specific lines for every single in game character, a story mode ending for both of them, and a couple unique costumes. But then what about Kabal? He shows up in game. So that's "disc locked content" too! Yeah! All that work before do that for him too! Oh and Sindel! GEEZE they really left this game lacking with only a 25 character roster! Damn they really shouldve delayed it another year and still only sold it for 60$!!!!

Blank1162d ago

Thats shady as hell! I love Baraka and main with him good thing I put off buying the game after all this DLC and microtransaction crap Warner Bros is getting worse game by game, im speaking in terms of consumer treatment.

isa_scout1162d ago

Lets just hope they treat Batman Arkham Knight with the respect it deserves.

Roccetarius1162d ago

Batman is very likely to get the same DLC treatment as previously.

Revengeance1162d ago

Komplete Edition it is then. I love MK but not enough to pay for characters locked away that should already be playable.

Shineon1162d ago

I'm stuck at 1080p 59.9hz does anyone know how to make it go 60hz? I already tried cutting down settings and that didnt work either. I think it's a glitch

KenesuArashi7261162d ago

I'll wait until the komplete edition of this game is for sale .... I would not pay for a character that is in the game disc .... no sir

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