Grand Theft Auto V cracked, now open to PC modders

Earlier today, modder GooD-NTS revealed that they have managed to access the Grand Theft Auto file archives.On the website, GooD-NTS posted several screenshots of him breaking into GTA V’s files. With this data exposed, modders can now do just about everything they were able to do with GTA IV.

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Magicite1158d ago

GTA5 has been pirated over hundreds of thousands of times already, I thought Rockstar will put more solid protection, like Dragon Age Inquisition had.

Tibbers1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

"GTA5 has been pirated over hundreds of thousands of times already"

Indeed. On PS3, X360 and now also on PC.

Sgt_Slaughter1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

It's Rockstar... they couldn't even stop modders/hackers/exploiters on consoles for a good part of the first year for the game, both generations of consoles.

kainslayer1158d ago

it has the same protection but guess what...they did it because we need mods so deal with it

Crimzon1158d ago

Bye-bye to Rockstar's scummy microtransaction Shark Cards :)

Antifan1158d ago

And say hello to free endless content instead of waiting for R* to release overpriced DLC.

Khajiit861158d ago

I cant wait until the goods start rolling in. Idc about online mods because of the endless fun incoming in the single player mods alone.

Lev19031158d ago

Typical PC gamers :D. Wait for the game for years and then when it comes out, crack it and then wonder why rockstar delayed the game so many times.

BC_Master_Haze1158d ago

^typical single platform gamer, nice little comment, now here is why you're wrong.

Thinking that R* puts in over a year of effort to block modders, when they were doing this thing called "developing". The PC version didn't make itself and probably started after the initial game released, or a little before.

Thinking that all their time was sunk into stopping modders from cracking the game when all along they knew it would be done. Years also means >1. So you're wrong.

Perjoss1158d ago

Except for the part when R* DLC is cheaper and has more hours of gameplay than most fully priced games.

talking about Lost & Damned, Gay Tony and Undead Nightmare

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bmf73641158d ago

No doubt Rock star will be waging an update war to at the very least keep GTA Online fair.

extermin8or1158d ago

Nah they will likely just ban people with mods they've always been banhammer happy

DarkOcelet1158d ago

It was bound to happen lol. Its nothing new to PC gaming.

And GTA 6 will come to PC also.

Khajiit861158d ago

If they were going to shut down GTA on PC for mods they definitely would have shut down GTAV because have you seen what has been done in GTAIV??

Nekroo911158d ago

Because of GTA online, it shares the same files. By replacing them you change the experience Rockstar wanted to gave us.

They make money from shark cards for example, imagine a star wars ship on gta online thats what they were trying to avoid.

Vegamyster1158d ago

"imagine a star wars ship on gta online thats what they were trying to avoid."

Why? That sounds like fun lol.

BC_Master_Haze1158d ago

I don't get what the problem is. You don't want people to mod, go into your own server. If you see someone in a tie fighter my first thought would be "tell me how to do that". You could just go passive, or modders could even create a way to go passive with non-friends to avoid getting destroyed by modders

TehBAT1158d ago

Good, mods increase the longevity of the game.
Take a look at Skyrim. 4 years on, it's still in the top 10 of steam's gameplay charts

Lamboomington1158d ago

The improvements to Skyrim with mods are nothing short of ridiculous.

You can fix, change and overhaul anything and everything.

eg - Skyrim released with a dated graphics engine ? Well, you can play modded Skyrim with Improved object meshes, mindblowing 4k parallax textures, more shadows, better lighting, every surface reflecting in realtime, high quality depth of field, high quality SSAO, Image based lighting. You can even have SSIL turned on - that's Screen Space Indirect Lighting - every object indirectly and dynamically lights nearby objects depending on lighting conditions.

That's only the graphics side of things - enhancements that merely let you appreciate the actual gameplay better.

Don't even get me started on the gameplay and content overhauls. You can fix just about everything that was lacking in gameplay, and then take it even further to incredible heights. Even this year, so many incredible mods released for it, some of them completely overhauling the game in some aspect or the other. eg Perkus Maximus (I believe it was this year?)

If there is a good modding community, the game is so much better for it. This is also what excites me a lot about The Witcher 3.

xxzerkerrxx1158d ago

you have 3 disagrees.

i guess you are a liar sir. YES .... a liar.

wait, does that makes me a fanboy ?

i hate this site.

Hoffmann1158d ago

Good. But a damn shame that Rockstar went that anti-mod route from the start. Steam works support would have been great.

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