A new exclusive title is coming on PS4 from a third party studio?

UPDATE: Seems like it could be Ni no Kuni 2

Notorious insider Tidux is teasing a new PS4 exclusive title, developed by a third party studio.

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AngelicIceDiamond1165d ago

Wouldn't be Sony's first rodeo. Deep Down, Street fighter, Star Ocean now this.

Sony fans can't complain about third party exclusives anymore. Both are doing it now.

Snookies121165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

The only one I really heard complaints about was Tomb Raider, and that was justified on both Sony and PC player's accounts. Considering the nature of its exclusivity after being on both platforms previously.

Mikefizzled1165d ago

Same goes for Star Ocean but I got 20+ disagrees when I said I was disappointed it wasn't on Xbox after launching as a 360 exclusive.

Army_of_Darkness1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )


You do realize that star ocean started on the Playstation platform right?? So your reason for disappointment isn't exactly justified.

XabiDaChosenOne1165d ago

@Mikefizzled Know your history,Star Ocean was on the OG Playstation and Playstation 2. Star ocean 4 releasing on the 360 exclusively was extremely disrespectful to fans at the time. Square has amended their wrongs with this one.

NewMonday1165d ago


NiNoKuni was THE best JRPG last generation, modernized while staying true to the core JRPG experience, they must remaster it for those that missed out.

Mikefizzled1165d ago

Yet Star Ocean started on the SNES? Star Ocean has a habit of jumping to the most popular platform. The 360, at the time was considerably more popular that then younger PS3, although not as popular in Japan.

freshslicepizza1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

then how do you justify street fighter when it also never started on the playstation?

it's amazing how people flip-flop when it comes to third party exclusives. you either support them or you don't and it should be based on the business structure if you support them or you dont support them because you want it to be more accessible to everyone. not whether you support one hardware company more than the other.

the ps4 will continue to get the bulk of third party japanese studio support. the wii u isn't up to the task technically for many of the games and the audience on that platform isn't very large either. the xbox brand sells even less in japan so the best option for them is the ps4 but it's good to see they are also looking more at the pc platform.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1165d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Thats because what microsoft did was a disgrace. They jumped in a took a franchise which was born on playstation and pc and threw money at the developers.

Not only was the previous tombraider multiplatform but ROTTR was multiplatform at E3. You could actually pre order the game on PS4.

I've explained many times that the street fighter deal is totally different. It's a game in which capcom said would be no more. Sony is actually co developing the game. Without sony street fighter 5 would not exist. Not the case with ROTTR. All they have done is pay for exclusion of the other platforms. They have contributed nothing else what so ever.


No Sony didn't pay any money for Street fighter. The are co developing and funding the development of the game. That's the correct way of doing it.

Microsoft only became co publisher much later on and all that means is they will be running advertising for it. They have nothing to do with development.

You need to check your facts because your memory isn't as clear as you say.

ROTTR was announced at E3. As I said it was available to pre order on PS4.

Microsoft only announced exclusivity at gamescom 2 months later.

KarmaV121164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

And what do you think Sony did with this? With Street Fighter? You think the devs wanted to work on PS exclusively without them paying big money? Not a chance. Every corporation does it, don't act like Microsoft are alone on this technique.

And if I'm not mistaken, Microsoft is publishing Tomb Raider, so I don't think they are doing "nothing". Also not sure what you mean by " was multiplatform at e3" because I clearly remember the first announcement. They said it will launch exclusively in Holiday 2015. They have never even said anything about another platform.

Edit: BTW nice troll name

ShinMaster1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

@ Mikefizzled

JRPGs, including the 360 exclusive ones, barely sold anything on Xbox. They've always done better on PlayStation platforms.

SO started on SNES (japan only) a long time ago. The SNES was a strong JRPG platform. The SNES is not around anymore. The PS1 and 2 were really strong JRPG platforms. PS3 not so much, but it did better than other platforms at the time. And now it seems like the PS4 is heading in that direction as well.

We've heard these areguments before with games like Metal Gear. But MGS1,2,3,4 have sold more on PlayStation, EACH, than all Nintendo and Xbox Metal Gear games combined, for example.

@ AngelicIceDiamond

Sony didn't pay for Star Ocean. Believe it or not. Third-party companies can make these decisions on their own for various reasons.
Tomb Raider's biggest fanbase has always been on PlayStation and PC. The PS4 version sold double that of the Xbox One version. It made absolutely no sense to make the sequel exclusive to the platform with the least fans.

freshslicepizza1164d ago

"Tomb Raider's biggest fanbase has always been on PlayStation and PC. The PS4 version sold double that of the Xbox One version. It made absolutely no sense to make the sequel exclusive to the platform with the least fans."

it did make sense, otherwise they would not have agreed to it. when the last tomb raider came out they said sales did not meet expectations.

i am sick of responding to people who seem to have more interest in their preferred hardware doing well above all else. microsoft if helping fund the project in one way or another. the deal is benefiting sqaure, otherwise they would not agree to such terms. do you honestly think they don't know about potential sales lost by not having the game come out on the ps4, at least not at launch?

not one person here knows the exact terms of that deal. you just don't like it because it impacts you for a duration of time. now lets look at street fighter v. it is exclusive with no time limits. that means they are purposely keeping the game from xbox users. who cares about how many buy it more on the playstation, that doesn't validate anything and all it does is move the goal posts to support your argument because it suits you.

so again, you either support exclusive deals or you don't. what you don't do is pick and choose because you want one hardware to prosper more than the other. that's not how things work, at least not in the real world. no mans sky is another game that sony secured for a time limit. these are all business deals to help sony and that is fair game. so you either like them or you don't. amking a game exclusive like street fighter means you want to exclude a portion of your audience only to help your own cause, in sony's case that is to help sell hardware. it's the same thing microsoft tries to do with dlc for games like call of duty or ryse or dead risisng 3.

the whole structure is not aimed at the consumer yet what happens because of these deals? it creates animosity, it creates division and worse of all they continue to fuel the fanboys.

ShinMaster1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

@ modlybread

They made that statement regarding the last gen versions of the game. Which was BS by the way. 3 and half million units is a good number. The last time a Tomb Raider game sold that well was on the PS1.
I was talking about the current gen release, which once again, sold significantly more on a PlayStation platform. These are the facts.

And the sequel was already well into development. They did not need Microsoft's help.

The only thing that made sense was that big check.

The Street Fighter 5 deal is more similar to Bayonetta 2, although more open ended since it has a PC release with cross play and the possibility of a future multiplat release.

Yoshinori Ono, Street Fighter director, said a couple years ago that they did not have the budget or staff for a brand new next-gen Street Fighter game.
Capcom had been struggling in the console market and their profits were coming from elsewhere. Learn the differences. It's not as simple as either being for or against exclusive deals.
With Sony helping fund the game, we are actually getting SF5 much sooner than later. Who knows when we might have gotten a sequel.

freshslicepizza1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

"The Street Fighter 5 deal is more similar to Bayonetta 2, although more open ended since it has a PC release with cross play and the possibility of a future multiplat release."

that makes no sense. if sony is helping fund it why also fund it for the pc? again, you have no insider information on the tomb raider deal or the street fighter deal. the details will remain secretive because they benefit both parties otherwise the deal would never have been agreed on.

just stop. on one hand you say it's bull what sqaure said about tomb raider yet now its gospel what capcom is saying that street fighter v would not exist if not for sony. sony does not sell pc hardware so just stop.

edit, looking into your post profile i can see now why your views are so one-sided.

ShinMaster1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

@ moldybread

It makes sense because it was part of their deal with Capcom. And Sony has a history of being open about cross-platform PC and PlayStation games. You think this is the first time? PC is an open platform and not a direct competitor unlike Xbox.
It's funny how you say my explanation makes no sense, but SE making the next Tomb Raider timed exclusive to the least profitable platform for the franchise makes perfect sense to you. You'll take Square Enix' word for it, but not SF's game director? Why?
And you think I'm biased? lol

The only "secretive" thing about both deals is that they don't wanna talk about each game coming to the other platform yet. They're trying to get the most out of that timed exclusivity.

You're willfully ignoring the information given to you. Tomb Raider made good numbers last gen. It's not just me saying that, but gaming sites have said that as well. SE had unrealistic expectations. What Ono said two years ago was not a PR statement. He's a designer, not the publisher. Capcom's main income was no longer coming from console games. You can look this up yourself.
Square's CEO, on the other had, said that the new Tomb Raider was already well into development two years ago and the game was announced as a multiplatform title.
Besides, Square Enix NEVER said that they wouldn't make a sequel based on sales, unlike Street Fighter's game director, so your argument is invalid. It's not the same thing.

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ninsigma1165d ago

Apart from sf5, those are completely different situations. Hiring a 3rd party to develop a new game is very different than taking a multiplat game and turning it exclusive. So it's one for one in my books.

rpgfan1165d ago

Lol you can't count Deep Down as Sony is helping develop it like Bloodborne. Also Star Ocean has almost always been classified a PlayStation exclusive the only one that came out on a different console in the US is Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

Magicite1165d ago

Sony is killing right now, imagine what happens if they announce 100$ or at least 50$ price drop this fall.

pompombrum1165d ago

Arguably though, for a lot of JRPGS, it's almost pointless releasing them on the Xbox. Granted they'd obviously sell copies but I'd consider it a niche genre in the west and if you're into JRPGs, you are bound to own a PS.

zeuanimals1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

FF Type 0 probably woke Square Enix up something fierce when the PS4 version got way more sales than the Xbox One version. There's no point of putting Japanese games on the Xbox One if the majority of their sales are going to come from the PS4 version anyway, so I'm sure devs aren't even bothering with the Xbox One anymore because of this reason.

Not all 3rd party exclusives are exclusives because of moneyhats, though I don't doubt that Sony doesn't do that too. It's just in their case they probably don't have to do moneyhat much with Japanese games, or any games since they're the more popular platform. Same thing happened last gen, Japanese games generally did much better on the PS3 too. Exclusive JRPGs to the 360 also didn't do very well even though some of them were great.

A lot of Japanese devs have moved onto mobile and have practically left console development behind completely. Sony's involvement in getting them back on consoles is one of the big reasons we're seeing somewhat of a resurgence in the Japanese games industry this gen. If MS did the same, which they sort of have in the past, and I am grateful, then I see no problem.

I'd also be completely fine with MS getting 3rd party exclusives if they went after the ones that needed assistance, like Titanfall and Dead Rising 3. More games is more games, I'd prefer a game being exclusive even to a console I don't own if it means that it's at least being made rather than not being made. (thank you Nintendo, for Bayonetta 2)

DarXyde1165d ago

*Playstation fans

Playstation fans need not be Sony fans.

Deep Down is a new IP , so I don't see the issue. Likewise, Star Ocean started on PlayStation. Street Fighter though, that is a good point. Complaining about the first two is comparable to complaining about Sunset Overdrive or Scalebound. New IPs, so I'd say it's fair game.

zeuanimals1164d ago

The problem with Street Fighter is is that it wasn't going to be made anytime soon without some assistance. Similarly with Dead Rising 3, Capcom is in a bad financial jam and they were going to postpone the funding of a bunch of games but both MS and Sony reached out to help have some games be made.

Solid_Penguin-641165d ago

I'm primarily a PS guy and I think its fine if Sony, MS or Nintendo acquire a third party exclusive, but only if they fund the actual development of the game. If it's just a bag of cash given to the dev telling them to simply not make versions on the rival consoles then within these cases it's complete BS.

_-EDMIX-_1165d ago

??? Not sure what you mean bud. Level 5 is a very small team and they don't just crank out titles across all systems.

Professor Layton has never hit the PSP, PS3, PS4 etc. Ni No Kuni released first on the DS...NOT the PS3..

Sony didn't publish it, fund it etc. Many, many Japanese games release on PS and I wouldn't consider them "exclusive" merely that htey don't release on XONE or 360. Those games just have a history of not selling well on 360. Consider even Square has titles not coming to XONE or 360 and even FFXIII didn't release on 360 in Japan.

I'm sorry but some publishers won't just lose money just for some strange sake of being fair. Business just doesn't work that way.

Deep Down is only on PS4 likely like the same reason FFXIV is and other free to plays are, mind you part of Sony japan is developing Deep Down with Capcom.

Those don't have to do with some sort of money hatting as much as the publishers are not really known to just bring all titles across all systems.

Not many of those publishers have ever been known to do that, hell do you see Bravely Default on PS3 or PS4 or PSVita?

Street Fighter V is legit the only timed game that is pretty clear is legit a timed game as Capcom had this game on all systems for a while now and its clear its likely a timed deal.

What you see with some other games may not be timed deals, they are just likely not planned for XONE JUST like those series didn't have life on 360.

Hell MS had to pay to get Star Ocean on 360 last gen and its clear it didn't help Square all that much as they don't' even see it as profitable enough to even port it to 360 or XONE. just think Sony is money hatting Sega, Konami, Square ,Capcom, Level 5 etc? Could it just not logically be that those titles just don't fair well on MS systems?

Mind you....think like a damn business man, do you really think some of those obsure titles really hold enough weight to push systems? Consider Sony didn't even flinch at GTA, FF, etc last gen, it was MS seeking all those deals.

Street Fighter V is a HUGE DEAL and its clear its a timed deal, it makes sense....Ni No Kuni? I love the game, but its not pushing Street Fighter Units and I promise most gamers have no clue what that even is. Ask someone in the street what Ni No Kuni is and they will think your hitting on them lol.

Tomb Raider, Street Fighter...those are easy money hates to spot, some of those smaller Japanese JRPGS....not so much. I don't think its some sort of deal, those publishers are just playing smart business, the MS crowd doesn't buy those games in huge numbers.

ShinMaster1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Not just JRPGs, but fighting games too. Maybe to a lesser extent. But when DOA5, formerly Xbox exclusive, sells a lot more on PS3 than 360, that should tell you something.

Ni No Kuni on DS didn't do well in Japan and the PS3 version ended up feeling like a very different game.

Sony doesn't necessarily need to publish or fund a game to be considered exclusive, btw. Is it on competing platforms? No? Then it's exclusive, because it excludes other platforms directly competing.

Yoshinori Ono, Street Fighter director, said a couple years ago that they did not have the budget or staff for a brand new next-gen Street Fighter game.
Capcom had been struggling in the console market and their profits were coming from elsewhere.
With Sony helping fund the game, we are actually getting SF5 sooner than much later. Who knows when we might have gotten a sequel.
It's similar to Bayonetta 2, but this is a more open ended deal.
The Tomb Raider deal makes absolutely no sense since PlayStation (and PC) make up the vast majority of the fanbase and the PS4 version of the reboot sold double that of the Xbox One.

_-EDMIX-_1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

@Shin- "Sony fans can't complain about third party exclusives anymore"

That was what I was responding to. Those titles are nothing like something like Tomb Raider being delayed for the same of being delayed. They are exclusive due to the nature of the crowd that owns MS systems, not due to some sort of deal.

I agree with you on the term exclusive to, merely that what those titles are, are not the same situations like SFV and Tomb Raider.

SFV is very much timed and follows all the same situations that all their past timed games followed.

I don't care what Ono states....I don't care what Capcom states....the game is timed, they are not going to out right say its timed.

Consider that Ken Levine stated no PS3 version of Bioshock existed and they were not going to do one...then pop comes Bioshock on PS3, consider Capcom stated NO version of Dead Rising 3 would be on PC.......yet we know have a version of Dead Rising 3 on PC.

They can say what they want, but I'm sorry, I don't buy they can't afford to make SFV and no this isn't like Bayonetta based on SF series does HUGE numbers and they banked on DLC.

Neither Tomb Raider nor Street Fighter V make any actual "Sense" in the regard of why they are exclusive other then based on money hats.

If it was THAT bad at Capcom, Sony would not be money hatting SFV....they would simply be buying Capcom all together.

Capcom factually owns the SF IP, NOT SONY, thus...they can bring SFV to any damn system they feel like it, regardless of who's funding.

MS funded Mass Effect.....MS factually didn't own the IP, Bioware did.

Its very much feasible for a company to fund a game of an IP they don't own. I don't think Capcom just did a deal to not use their own IP and never port it, just to have it made on 2 platforms for life...that just doesn't sound like a fair deal and doesn't really make sense.

Its very much timed and like Tomb'll see when Super Street Fighter V ultra edition extreme is on XONE. (I mean...likely with a different name)

1165d ago
Azzanation1164d ago

I buy Consoles for 1st party games, 3rd is why I have a Gaming PC. To be honest I don't even see the point in owning consoles anymore. Most 1st party games are worse then 3rd party games now's.

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Relientk771165d ago

That's awesome another exclusive is going to be announced, wish we had more info on it.

DarkOcelet1165d ago

Maybe it could be Dino Crisis 4?

Level 5 RPG?

What you think it is? Any guesses?

joab7771165d ago

Don't mess with me that it's Ni No Kuni 2. That would be cruel. If it's Level 5 that is a possibility. It did sell well and reached critical acclaim.

darren_poolies1165d ago

I would kill for a new Dino Crisis or Onimusha.

BitbyDeath1165d ago

Sega also have two unannounced exclusives coming to PS4. Hopefully one is a new Shinobi or even Gauntlet.

Xer0_SiN1165d ago

valkyria chronicles saga remastered, dragon force, phantasy star, or beyond oasis...thats what im hoping from sega.

kalkano1164d ago

How about a REAL Shining Force?

Xer0_SiN1164d ago

kalkano: i thought about shining force, and i thought about how jacked it got after 3. i miss the srpg shining force, not that disasterpiece that happened afterwards LOL. you remember shining the holy ark on saturn? oh my hahaha. since you said real shining force, im gonna assume you meant the first 3, and for that, i can definately dig it. :)

kalkano1164d ago

Yep, I meant like 1-3. I did like Shining the Holy Ark, too. But, Shining FORCE is the reason I love the series.

Thatguy-3101165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Let the guessing game begin =/ Kingdom Hearts 3 is my guess. Can't wait to see what goes down at E3.
@ Snookies
True maybe it's a new IP from one of the big developers. When it's from a known franchise it's usually timed exclusive. Since it's not the case then maybe it's a new property

Snookies121165d ago

Nah, it's not going to be KH3. That's already been confirmed for X1 as well.

There are a lot of things it 'could' be, but educated guesses are best left until we have more info.

DarkOcelet1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Dont get me wrong. I am happy that KH3 is not exclusive but what's the point when every single title came to Playstation only?

Unless they put the collection on Xone then why bother putting the game from the first place?

_-EDMIX-_1165d ago

Agree with Dark on this one. I feel they will port the KH collection to PS4 and XONE anyway... This is Square were talking about people LOL!

If not, that game will do poorly on XONE, they might even cancel it if those sales on XONE continue to be poor on their other releases.

Germany71165d ago

Remember when Platinum Games said they were working on a game for PS4?
I would love a new Vanquish.

fei-hung1165d ago

Link please. The only thing I've heard from them is that eventually we will see a PG game on the ps4 as they are developing multiplat games. Nothing about any exclusive game on the ps4 was mentioned.

Germany71164d ago

I guess it was just a rumor by an insider, Platinum never confirmed. My mistake.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1165d ago

yeah that was Legend of Korra

F0XHOUND1165d ago

Rogue galaxy 2, dark cloud 3, white knight chronicles.... ni no kuni 2.... all big draws for ps4!


DonkeyDoner1165d ago

no pls no more white knight chronicles unless they recreate everything like a proper ff12 IZJS

F0XHOUND1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

A refined white knight game, with that epic online community.... yes that'd be so much fun.

White knight was love or hate, for me... it had so much charm!