PS4 Exclusive Dragon Quest Heroes' Full English Title and Logo Revealed

While Dragon Quest Heroes was released in Japan for both PS4 and PS3, the game will be released exclusively for PS4 in the west, and today Square Enix revealed its full title and logo.

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Geobros856d ago

I didnt know it was a PS4 exclusive for the west.

Abriael856d ago

It indeed is. Most devs are abandoning the PS3 in the west, unlike Japan.

Kurisu856d ago

I wonder if the same will be true for Persona 5 and the new Star Ocean?

littlezizu856d ago

Day 1...Hoping it release in October 2015 as sony can use this against rivals

S2Killinit856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

Its going to be sweet fun gameplay. Cant wait to get a go at this

That title though lol i would have to write it down

belac09856d ago

so many games! so little time!

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