7 GTA V mods that absolutely need to happen

MMGN writes: The modding community is sure to go into overdrive now that Grand Theft Auto V has hit PC. Rockstar has actively made an effort to limit the modding capabilities and tools of the game, noting that it didn’t want to deter people away (read: compromise) GTA Online in any way.
Mods, however, add life to a game. The likes of Skyrim and GTA IV have vibrant, hard-working modding communities that dedicate hundreds of hours to improving the quality and experience of a game. Even GTA San Andreas still gets the love.

So what can we expect from GTA V? So far we haven’t seen much: a deeper perspective and cheat trainer aren’t going to set the modding world on fire, but a few experienced modders say that it may take months before the scene takes off thanks to Rockstar’s hostility to game-changing mods.

Nonetheless, it’s exciting thinking about the prospect, and with that we put together a list of some of the mods we’d like to see come to Los Santos.

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