OpenIV 2.5 Mod Tools Released For GTA 5

One Angry Gamer "The RAGE Team has brought you the latest release of OpenIV 2.5 for Grand Theft Auto V on PC. The latest version of OpenIV enables modders, tinkerers, designers, artists and enthusiasts alike to open up GTA V and look into the guts and digital viscera that makes up for the composition of Rockstar’s highly lauded open-world action game."

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cleft51185d ago

Now the question is how will Rockstar react to this advancement? I hope they are okay with it and don't try to actively block it, but I just don't know what they will do because of their fake currency they want everyone to buy.

madmonkey011185d ago

well that didnt take long.

--bienio--1185d ago

Good;) that's why I love Pc is so open!!;)