Witcher, it's time you prepare for the long journey

MWEB GameZone writes: "Witcher, it's time you prepare for the long journey. Take careful note of the following; it will guide you in your mission against The Wild Hunt, invaders of our precious Northern Kingdoms."

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Bigpappy1101d ago

Nope. Don't need to prepare. Just release it, I but it, jump right in, stay there until its done. Might even take a leave of absence.

Spinal1101d ago

Just completed Witcher 2 last night what a fantastic ending. The story has me so intrigued I can't wait to import my save and see what has become of my decisions.

FrostXVenom1101d ago

Which path did you take roche or iorveth,if you have done it in only one path try another,it will take you to a different story,quests and character.

Spinal1101d ago

@The280x, hehe your username is the name of my graphics card I hope it can run Witcher 3 ultra I'll probably need to turn off AA. Running i7 2700k, 16gb ram.

In answer to your question I went with Vernon Roche. I just don't think there's enough time for me to do 2nd play through before Witcher 3 as I gotta play it day one!!

ArchangelMike1101d ago


Trust me, it's well worth playing the Iorveth path. My first playthrough I went with Vernon Roach, ans I was like, "meh I've played it through already how different can it be a second time?!" I was completely blown away by the Iorveth path, by just how different the story is. It's well worth a second play through - just put it on easy and breeze through the combat.

joab7771101d ago

I don't need any preparation. Just release it. I'll be on vacation when ot does Hawaii. Of I bring my PS4, I will buy it and that's no good!!

NovusTerminus1101d ago

I have a paid vacation day free... Might be using it for this game. I'm already off Tuesdays and Wednesday, may take Thursday as well for it.

HanCilliers1101d ago

Jealous! Will be worth taking leave for Witcher 3.

HoldenZA1101d ago

Someone prepare my hyperbolic time chamber....I feel that is the only way I will have time to finish this game.

plut0nash1101d ago

The scale of the game is pretty amazing. I'd love to know how long it'd take to discover it all.

CongoKyle1101d ago

As much as I want to play this, I don't think I have the time :(

Revolt131101d ago

Find time, make time, you have the rest of your life to plan it

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The story is too old to be commented.