Is Nintendo the Real Winner of E3 2008?

Nintendo is at the center of a heated Internet debate. Loyalists are waging an epic battle after Nintendo's controversial E3 Press Conference. The show is over but the fire storm continues. This hotly debated article explores a truth that may be hard to accept. What do Pimps, Wii Fit, and Bags of Money have to do with Nintendo? Find out.

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unsunghero283801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

I was among the Nintendo fans who felt betrayed by their E3 conference. It seemed that they had turned their back on me, and right then and there I was ready to return the favor.

I realize that a lot of the decisions the company has made are to appease the casual audience (the largest segment of Wii buyers). But this article had an interesting point: E3 is currently a shell of its former glory, so why does Nintendo have to focus so much effort on it?

Since the beginning, Nintendo has told us that the Wii was meant for a different audience. That it would be gamers' second console. Now I see that it does a damn good job of that. It doesn't come anywhere close to replacing my PS3, but it offers a lot of new and exciting experiences.

Now, I wouldn't call Nintendo the winner of E3- the truth is that they lost by forfeit. But at this point I think it's inevitable that Nintendo will be the winner of this generation.